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5 Things all Students Should Know Before Starting College

When you finish high school and head to college, life can be really scary and intimidating. Leaving home and living on your own is entirely new. Combined to that, you are suddenly responsible for your own meals, laundry and work schedule. Knowing what to expect can go a long way toward making the transition easier. Here are some important things to know before you head off to campus.

1 – You’re Going to be Uncomfortable

There’s no getting around this so being ready can make it easier to handle. You’re going to be sharing a dorm with someone you don’t really know, you won’t know anyone in class and you might even run into a stranger in the shared co-ed bathroom in your dorm. You can’t shake the feelings, but you can be prepared so you can work through them easier.

2 – Reach Out to Other People

You aren’t the only freshman on campus who feels all alone and doesn’t know anyone. Don’t assume they’ll come to you. Instead, get out there and meet new people and make new friends. The sooner you do this, the sooner college will start feeling easy and natural for you. Without some connections, you could become more isolated, which can lead to mood disorders and can keep college from being the fun experience it’s supposed to be.

3 – Don’t Worry About What Others Think

When you get to campus, attending sponsored events or getting a job on campus might seem nerdy and out of your realm. However, you’ll be surprised to find that people aren’t really judging you like they did in high school. These events are a great way to meet new people and get comfortable on campus.

4 – Connect to Family and Friends Back Home

Just because you’re living somewhere else and are on a new adventure doesn’t mean you have to leave behind your friends and family from home. Call, text and email the ones you love as often as you like. Staying in touch will give you some degree of comfort in your new environment and can help ease the transition. Plus, you’ll just feel happier after hearing from your mom or having a conversation with your best friend from high school.

5 – Get Motivated By Others

There is a lot of diversity and variety among your fellow college students so resist the temptation to compare yourself to them. Instead, use their success and glory to motivate you to do the things you want and get everything you can out of college. Starting college can lead to many tumultuous emotions so avoid letting them affect your self-esteem and instead gather your ambition and go after what you want.

Many people say that college is the best time of their life and it can be for you too. Being prepared for difficulty when you get started can help you be ready with tactics to get you through when the going gets tough. Before you know it, you’ll be comfortable and enjoying your new life on campus.

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