How to Handle the Preliminary Research for Any Project

How to Handle the Preliminary Research for Any Project

When you complain about the arduous process of academic writing, some people don’t understand your struggle. They think you just come up with a topic in a second, you get some information online, and you put everything together in an hour or so. Well, that might be the case for elementary school project. Anyone who’s ever tried to write a more complex paper knows that the process is much more challenging than it initially seems.

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The Process of Creating a Strong Thesis Statement

When you are writing an academic paper, its success depends upon one major factor: the thesis statement. Every argument you make has to be related to this main thesis. If you fail to come up with a strong foundation for the content, it doesn’t matter how well you write the sentences and how many sources you use.

The first skill you need to polish out when writing college papers is your ability to persuade. The thesis statement has to convince the reader that you have a logical point of view that can be supported with strong facts. This statement is usually provided after a brief introduction, at the end of the first paragraph. Continue reading

Popular Essay Topics

When your professor allows you to choose a topic for the assignment they expect, the opportunity you get may be a double-edged sword. You first think “that’s great; I’ll just think of something interesting and write the essay in half an hour”. Unfortunately, it’s never that easy.

As all writers discover sooner or later, it is always harder to write about something you’re truly passionate about. You have your own interests and deep personal issues, but have difficulties to express them in a convincing manner. Another obstacle is when your mind goes blank and you cannot think of any interesting topic associated to the particular course. Continue reading

Common Mistakes in Essay Writing

Through a lot of trial and error, students eventually learn how to avoid the most common mistakes they make while writing essays… or do they? In fact, most students keep annoying their teachers by sticking to clichés and repeating the same mistakes in one paper after another. Instead of trying to prove a point and sticking to your usual routine, you should learn what your professors would like to see. Continue reading

How to Write an Essay

Talking from personal experience, mastering the skill of essay writing can be an incredibly frustrating process. It doesn’t matter how much you try to satisfy your professor and how early you start writing the paper; something always goes wrong and you don’t get the expected grade. Well, nothing is impossible if you stay committed to your goal.

The most important thing to remember is that you need lots of practice to become better. The strategy that worked for me was finding a topic I was really interested in and writing an essay without any fear of “what will my teacher think about it?” As far as the process is concerned, these ten steps will most likely result with a successful outcome: Continue reading

Essay Structure

Before you can start writing an essay, you need to visualize the project and stick to a precise frame. That will help you maintain the discussion within the given focus, and the entire process of writing will be much smoother. The basic format of an essay consists of five paragraphs: introduction, body (with three or more connected arguments separated in different paragraphs), and conclusion. This frame is just as simple as it seems, so you should make an effort to understand what you need to write in each part. Continue reading

Essay Formats

When you start writing an essay, you are aware of all the work and time you will have to invest in research and writing. However, there is another aspect of academic writing that students commonly forget about: formatting and referencing. When your professor provides specific guidelines about the assignments, you should follow them to the tiniest detail. You will notice that those instructions usually include requirements about a specific citation style, such as APA, MLA, Turabian, or Chicago. Continue reading

Learn All About the Different Types of Essays

If you don’t know how to start writing an essay, the best way is by realizing what type of paper you need to write. There are various types of essays you will have to complete throughout your years at high school, college, and graduate school, and each of them has different structure and standards. Today is a great day to learn how to make a distinction between the different types of essays, so continue reading the clear explanations below. Continue reading