Charged With College Plagiarism? This Is What You Can Do!

There is hardly a thing that frustrates your college professors more than plagiarism. Students commonly “forget” to provide a reference to a source they used, hoping to gain appreciation by presenting someone else’s arguments. Sometimes you unintentionally plagiarize another author’s work, but the effects are always the same – you will probably go through a campus judicial system as a result of your actions.

If you are facing such an unpleasant scenario, this is what you should do:

1 – Inform yourself about the process.
Are you expected to write an explanation letter? Will there be a hearing? Maybe your professor simply wants to see you and discuss the issue in a more relaxed environment. Another possibility is academic probation. Make sure to figure out the process you are going to deal with, and don’t delay covering your part as soon as possible.

2 – Understand what you’re guilty of.
Do you clearly realize what you’re being accused of? Did you receive a confusing letter that indicates plagiarism charges, but doesn’t inform you about the consequences? Talk to the person who sent that letter and visit your professor during office hours. Make sure you understand the accusations and realize what options you have.

3 – Take active participation in the process!
Don’t neglect these charges; they are very serious and require your active participation towards a solution. Whatever the process is, make sure to show you care and explain your situation. The future development of your studies and career depends upon the outcome.

4 – Analyze the consequences.

Plagiarism is a serious issue. If you submit a copied or paraphrased paper, your professor will assume you didn’t care enough about the course. Some teachers take things personally; they will think you are showing disrespect to them by submitting such a paper. Depending on the professor, the campus policies and the level of plagiarism in the submitted work, you will be dealing with different consequences. Make sure you understand the possible outcomes when you are charged with plagiarism.

5 – Learn the lesson!
The worst thing you could possibly do after solving a plagiarism case is to continue submitting copied work. The most severe way for colleges to deal with plagiarism is expulsion. If you face multiple charges of plagiarism, you can bet that’s the direction you are heading to. Regardless whether you made the mistake intentionally or unintentionally, you should learn from it and realize that you won’t have many second chances.

Your professors want you to showcase your own points of view and critical evaluations on the topics they assign. Learn the lesson and do your best to meet their expectations in future!

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