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General Impression

Students can use this company only for editing and when they need editing in a very short time. I wasn’t aware that this is the only thing offered and I am still surprised that their longest deadline is 3 days. Naturally, it is highly priced editing since it has to be done within a short time. But, on top of this, I had one more big issue with the

Services Provided

As I said, the only service provided is editing. The name doesn’t suggest anything that would make me guess this, but the company is very clear about their services – editing and editing only. They even have a list of papers they offer to edit for their customers, as well as a list of academic levels you can choose from when you need editing help.
Thankfully, they offer such help for every academic level.


Prices are a bit high considerably with the fact that their latest deadline option is 72 hours. So, you can only order editing of a paper from six hours to 72 hours, and each option that is a six-hours difference between the two (12, 18, 24, etc.)

As a result, you’ll find that the cheapest editing rate is $15 for any deadline over 24 hours. If you need this paper within, let’s say, 18 hours, the rate would be $20. Interestingly, this is the price for all academic levels.
Discounts and Free Features

The website says ‘you will be given discounts as well’, but I wasn’t given any discount. Since I wasn’t prepared to pay for editing as much as I would for an actual paper written from scratch, this was way too high of a rate for me. Some reliable services offer to write and deliver a perfect paper for you for this rate, so why would I spend time writing my paper to then spend the same amount on editing?

Ordering Process

Ordering was simple and took me less than any other ordering form, probably because of the very few options given for selecting.

Communication with Writer

There is no way to get in touch with their customer service when you need them?! When I read that they have a non-stop service on the website, I believed that statement. Later when I needed their help and wanted to ask about the progress of the order, I found that there is no phone number, e-mail, or live chat where I could get in touch with them.

Apparently, you will only be contacted by the customer service when you place the order. There is no communication with the writer whatsoever.


The editors seem to have mastered editing within short deadlines, since I got my paper edited very fast. Deadline isn’t an issue with

The Work I Got

The work I got was improved significantly and the editor had made many changes to make it better. However, I don’t think that rates so high are equivalent to the service provided. For a paper of five pages, I had to pay almost $100. If they wrote it for me, it would be fine, but all they did was edit my writing.