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General Impression

With over a thousand writers working for them, I expected a lot more from e-writers.top. There are some good offers there and the services list is more than I could hope for, but it is all unworthy if they didn’t hire good writers. And with my experience, I can say that this is the case.

Services Provided

Not only does e-writers.top write the papers you get assigned in school, but they also help with admissions and applications. So, you can order cover letters and resumes from the same place where you order an essay or a dissertation.

I must say, this is a grand list compared to those I’ve seen. But, I find their site to be a bit poor in terms of information, especially since I had to open the ordering form to find out what I can find in e-writers.top.


The lack of a pricing table is also a reason why I think their site is not good. The only way to learn this was by filling in the ordering form. In this form, I learned that e-writers.top is an averagely priced company, which would be great if this resulted in high quality papers. For example, a high school essay costs $14.65 per page within 10 days, while my essay for college level cost $17.80 per page within that deadline.

Discounts and Free Features

Discounts do not exist here! E-writers.top doesn’t seem to have many regulars from what I saw online, but they didn’t even bother to create a loyalty program. As someone who orders online often, I find this to be very frustrating.

Ordering Process

The ordering process was nothing different from that of other companies. It took me only minutes and provided me with information I couldn’t find anywhere else on the website.

Communication with Writer

E-writers doesn’t give customers the chance to communicate directly with the writer. I talked to the customer support and they told me how my paper is progressing, but even when I asked for a revision, they didn’t give me a chance to talk with the writer. The customer service is professional and fast, but they do lack a friendly tone. It all sounds well-rehearsed and copied from ready answers.


The company delivered the paper right on time, so it is definitely a legit one. However, the issue with the paper quality remained even after the revision. For revisions, e-writers.top takes three days extra.

The Work I Got

The work I got was less than good, so naturally, I asked for a revision. For a company with such a big list of services and so many writers, they did a poor job finding a good writer for me. When I asked for a revision, it took the customer service an hour to confirm it. But, when I received it from the writer, it was already too late – three days is too long for a revision, even when it is free.

On the basis of my experience and small research, I confirmed that e-writers.top is a legit service, but not one I would use again.