General Impression

Seeing rates of $5 per page always gives a student this warm feeling. After all, we all have many expenses and often a very limited budget, so such rates are more than welcome. But, from my experience, this is never a good sign. I can’t really expect that a company hires great writers and pays them so little, that they can afford to sell papers at this rate. That’s why I was a bit skeptic about, and this turned out to be true.

Services Provided

Escrita-academica is actually the name of the website of a service that is called Studybay. If this isn’t confusing enough, their website requires a great deal of looking around if you want to understand what they offer. Basically, the creator of the site didn’t include any information in regard to pricing or services, so I cannot share what their full list is like.

Since this is a bidding service, you can make any order and wait for bids. No one guarantees you’ll get any bids for your paper, but it doesn’t cost anything to try.


The only information in regard to the pricing is the $5 per page note on the homepage. This is the minimum bid writers can choose when they bid for an order. Other than that, there is no information about how much you’ll be asked to pay.

When I learned this, I instantly placed an order to see what the prices are actually like. Bidding systems take a lot of time, so this isn’t a company you can use for papers with short deadlines. It took me a couple of hours to get bids and check out the bidders since I didn’t want to make a mistake.

I got all kinds of bids. Many bidders asked for the minimum rate, but most of these had the least experience. I chose the one that looked most promising.

Discounts and Free Features

With bidding companies, there are no discounts of any kind. It is a disadvantage, but a common one with companies that work on this system.

Ordering Process

Ordering took a lot of time due to the fact that I had to gather bids and check the writers. Other than that, placing the actual order was very simple.

Communication with Writer

Communication with writers is very present on this website. You can discuss paper details with them, ask them about the paper progress, and ask any questions you have. Unfortunately, I could only do this after I chose a writer.


The deadline wasn’t an issue in my case. The writer I chose met the deadline I set and even sent the paper a day before.

The Work I Got

When I got connected with the writer, I instantly knew I made a mistake with the choice. The writer spoke really bad English, so naturally, my paper was of low quality too. For a company that promises high quality, it is unacceptable to hire non-native writers, not to mention ones that aren’t half as fluent in English as a writer should be.