General Impression

The website caught my eye with its tagline, “The Essay Presents a Small Written Work on the Given Topic.” It caught my eye because it made no sense, so I figured these people must be streets ahead of the other essay writing services. The home page is loaded with thousands of words of text, none of which I read, so that was pointless. I saw the testimonials on their website, but they looked fake, especially since the people making them were obviously models.

Services Provided

The writing service is very popular with a lot of students I know, but I do find they need to change and improve their terms of service that they offer. They only offer 20 types of papers to students, and it seems like many of them were made up on the spot. They offer graphic design stuff too.


Prices start at $9.97 per page, which is very low for a legitimate writing service. There are three quality levels and that price is for the lowest quality level with the longest deadline (14 days). Prices can rise into the hundreds per page, but the highest essay page prices are $56. The prices that run up into hundreds are for PowerPoint slides, logos, and things like that.

Discounts and Free Features

I couldn’t find their discounts. I know they have a referral program that pays you in discounted services if you sign other people up, but I couldn’t find any specific discounts. Maybe that is because they have low prices already that they cannot afford discounts.

Ordering Process

The customer service team are very friendly, helpful, and you don’t have to wait long for them to answer the phone. If you need them to call you back, then they do. If you need help setting up your account or ordering essays, then they will walk you through it. However, the process usually only takes around 5 minutes. They need to stop making the chat function bounce up every time you try to order because it is very annoying. The order form doesn’t molest your quote by auto-adding upsells into the mix. I was expecting a bunch of hidden charges after creating my order, but they just asked for my credit card or PayPal payment and didn’t add on hidden charges.

Communication with Writer

There was no communication between the writer and myself at all, but the customer service team solved all my queries and gave me update about my paper when I asked them for it. The only thing was that I wanted to speak to the writer so I could give further notes and input, but the customer service department passed my notes on for me.


The writer from delivered my paper to me on time within the deadline I had set. In all, the writer did a good job. I was just a little surprised and frustrated that I was not able to speak to the writer myself.

The Work I Got

For the amount I paid for my paper, it was good quality. I ordered my essay and set the lowest price and the content was enough to get me a pass. In all, the service is a good writing company to choose and the work they produce is okay. The only downside is that writer is not able to speak to the customer to receive further notes. Also, I have noticed that other companies are able to offer more services. This company seems happy to provide graphic design and things of that nature, but when it comes to writing services, they do seem to be a little lacking in variety when compared to other essay writing services.