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9 Hacks on How to Increase Your Snap Score Quickly

Snapchat is cool! Even people not using the app admit it. Sending quick snaps of your day, meeting up with people located close to you, or shooting quick vines that’ll make your friends giggle are just a few of this app’s best features. Snapchat’s comic filters and old-fashioned designs are an additional plus – you can never get tired of them! Let’s face it: networking with your friends while laughing at bad jokes will never get old.

For some young teens, the Snapchat game is not a joke. Getting their scores up and thus, beating their friends becomes a priority. If you’re among those people, we totally get it! We are obsessed with Snapchat too! That’s why, after pulling some strings along the way, we finally put up a list of tricks on how to boost your Snapchat score. Much wow, such fun! Take a look and get your game straight.

1. Start by checking your score

Check your Snap score, and see where you stand. In order to do that, follow the next steps:

  • Open the app
  • Tap the upper left icon at the top of your screen (next to Search)
  • Check the number on the right side of your name: what’s your score?

Ask around and see where your friends stand. If they have a higher score, you gotta work hard, my friend. Who likes losing? As Troy Bolton says, getcha head in the game!

2. Then score more

It’s time to conquer the field. Start sending snaps directly to your friends! Every time you send a snap, your score increases by one point. Just woke up? Say good morning to your friends! Just had breakfast? Show’em how tasty it looks. You don’t have to do crazy activities in order to boost your score. Just snap them whenever you feel like it (at least once a day).

If you don’t use the app for a few days in a row, you’ll get six points for your first snap after your extended absence. So, if you’re too busy, don’t worry about it! You’ll still get points afterward.

3. Send snaps to a bunch of friends

Don’t limit your snaps to a small group of friends. Show people what you’re doing and how your day’s going. As I mentioned earlier, you gain one point for each person you send a snap to. At the same time, you also get a point for sending snaps to a larger group of friends. Thus, sending the same snap to 40 people will get you at least 41 points!

If you send constant snaps to a friend, they’ll eventually snap you back. That means you’ll get an opportunity to reply, which is one extra point again.

4. Open your snaps

You get one point for each snap that you open. Thus, open your snaps! You won’t receive any extra points for replaying snaps.

Quick Tip: don’t just open your snaps, reply to your friends, and improve your score even more!

5. Send pictures, not texts

Texting people on Snapchat might be convenient, but it won’t bring you any points. Reading text messages won’t bring you points either. Why? Because Snapchat means chatting through snaps, not texting! You can iMessage your best friends, there’s no need to engage in a written conversation on Snapchat.

If you do want to reply with written text, write on pictures! It’s funnier, and your friends can actually see you. You can choose the black band to write on, or design your writing own style. Even if your friends text you in the chatbox, reply to them with a photo to increase your score!

6. Post on your story

Adding to your Snapchat story is another good way to get your score higher. For every picture that you add, you get one point. For every video that you take, you get one point. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

To add snaps to your story:

  • Take a snap
  • Edit it by adding your favorite filters, your Bitmoji, or any type of text. The more features you use, the more trophies you unlock.
  • Tap Send
  • Select the friends you’d like to send the snap to
  • Tap “My Story” at the top of the page

Aaand you are all set!

7. Add new friends

Make friends with new people all the time! For real now: after asking for a person’s telephone number, ask for their snap username, or scan their snapcodes. Making friends on snap is really easy – almost everybody uses it. For each new friend (whether you’ve requested the friendship, or they have), you earn one additional point.

8. Follow celebrities

If your friends start hating you for spamming them with your endless snaps, consider a plan B. Follow celebrities, and spam them! Haha! Celebrities won’t open your snaps in most cases, or they simply won’t get them, but you can still score! Every time you send a snap, you get a point, regardless of the person you sent the snap to.

Quick tip: Unlike other social media platforms, Snapchat’s algorithm cannot be tricked into increasing your number of followers/friends. Thus, you gotta do what you gotta do, right? Follow Miley Cyrus, and show her what partying in the U.S.A. really looks like!

9. Contact the Snapchat Team

If you run into any problems (maybe your score won’t raise?), contact the Snapchat Team. They’re a bunch of smart teens working for good money, so they’ll definitely be able to help. Shoot them an e-mail, or send them a snap! You could even call their headquarters if it comes to that.

Wrapping it Up

Boosting your Snapchat score is not that hard when you know the tricks. Hope our list helped. Go get them, champ!