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Top 100 Compare and Contrast Essay Ideas for You

University and college essay writing assignments help students in different ways. They help improve their understanding of specific subjects or topics. They are important in a student’s learning process because students improve creativity, critical thinking, and writing skills. Compare and contrast essay is one of the main types of essays assigned to students.

A student is required to brainstorm on different compare and contrast essay topics and choose the best. The topics must be closely related so that the student can effectively compare and contrast them. The student should create enough time to research and write an attractive compare and contrast essay.

What is Compare and Contrast Essay

A compare and contrast essay requires students to discuss similarities and contrasts between two or more topics. Unless specifically stated, the student is free to entirely lean on the comparison, contrasting, or both sides. Whatever side they choose, they must research widely to provide strong evidence that cannot be easily refuted.

The aim is not to outrightly support or refute but to explore indistinct differences or unforeseen similarities between two subjects. Due to the importance of writing a high-quality essay for better performance, many students get help from essay writing services where professionals write on their behalf.

How to Choose a Compare and Contrast Essay Topic

A student has wide options of different compare and contrast essay topics but there are specific things that require attention. The chosen topic should be easy to compare and contrast. The student must research to get convincing evidence for their arguments. Part of writing a successful compare and contrast essay is in choosing the right topic. There are several steps the student should follow.

Your professor will likely give you a prompt and expect you to choose an attractive topic to write about. Read the instructions carefully to have better ideas about what you are required to do. Brainstorm and write several essay topics as ideas flow during the session. Criticise each topic and eliminate them one by one until you get the best. Consider reading compare and contrast essay topic examples online to get ideas and inspiration.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topic Ideas by Subject

Essay writing forms part of academic life. Throughout your time in college, you will have to choose different compare and contrast essay topics and write high-grade papers. The attention you give to your topic determines the depth of research you will do and the time you will allocate yourself for writing. Students study different courses and they are assigned topics according to their course or subject. The compare and contrast essay topics in this article are arranged by subject.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Healthcare

  1. Which is better? Treatment or prevention?
  2. Who does more work in the healthcare field? Doctor or nurse?
  3. Which treatment is more effective: Traditional treatment or modern treatment?
  4. Compare and contrast UK healthcare and American healthcare
  5. Compare and contrast male doctors and female doctors
  6. Pro-life and pro-death in medical care
  7. Should there be universal healthcare or not?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Technology

  1. Compare and contrast Russia and USA national space programs
  2. Which strategy gives better results? Traditional marketing and SEO marketing strategies
  3. Which console gives a better gaming experience? A PlayStation or Xbox
  4. Compare and contrast online dating and real-life dating
  5. Which method is better? Face-to-face selling or online selling
  6. Comparing and contrasting features in the various Intel processor generations
  7. Should humans consume natural or artificial food? Compare and contrast

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics in Economy

  1. Compare and contrast being poor and being rich
  2. Compare and contrast the effect of communism and capitalism on the global economy
  3. Is it better to study economics or business?
  4. Which business laws are better? Modern laws or old laws?
  5. Which choice saves more money? On-campus or off-campus living?
  6. Compare and contrast developing economies and developed economies
  7. Which is better for a country? Economic growth or population growth?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics in Politics

  1. Compare and contrast the political system in the UK and the US
  2. Compare and contrast presidential and parliamentary systems
  3. Which is better? Urban politics or rural politics?
  4. Compare and contrast the different democracy models
  5. How does Trump compare and contrast with Margaret Thatcher?
  6. How do good politics compare and contrast with bad politics?
  7. When does technology grow best? During political unrest or peace?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics in Education

  1. Which system of learning works best for students? Practical or theory?
  2. Is it better to study from home or at school? Compare and contrast.
  3. The British education system versus the American education system
  4. Compare and contrast modern ways of learning with the past ways of learning
  5. Is a degree necessary to get a job? Compare and contrast
  6. TOEFL versus SAT: Differences and similarities
  7. British versus American English: Differences and similarities

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Sports

  1. How does Bundesliga compare and contrast with the English Premier League?
  2. Which sport is more demanding and with more physical challenges? Rugby or American football?
  3. Compare and contrast summer sports with Winter sports
  4. Compare and contrast the use of Steroids and Stimulants in sports
  5. Compare and contrast car racing and boat racing
  6. Which one yields better results? Pure focus on studying or mixing studying and sports?
  7. Which is the most effective? Morning exercise or evening exercise?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Teenagers

  1. Compare and contrast reading and watching movies
  2. Which is better? Teenage life or adult life?
  3. Compare and contrast living with parents and living independently
  4. Which shows are more popular? Television shows or radio shows?
  5. Compare and contrast being in a relationship and not being in a relationship
  6. Which is better? Writing academic papers and doing exams?
  7. Being fashion conscious and being average: Compare and contrast

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Movies

  1. Compare and contrast how movies are directed in the 21st century and how they were directed in the 20th century
  2. Differences and similarities between horror movies and thriller movies
  3. Compare and contrast Fantastic Four and the Avengers
  4. Compare and contrast YouTube and Netflix channels
  5. Compare and contrast Hollywood movies and Bollywood movies
  6. Compare and contrast Wildlife documentaries with Space science documentaries
  7. Which is better? Horror movies or comedy?

Compare And Contrast Essay Topic Ideas by Grade

By the time a child is in the third grade, teachers begin training them to write essays. They gain more experience as they advance through the early grades to high school and university. Essay writing requirements for each grade become complex as the student advances in learning. The student should focus on improving their writing and research skills as they advance through the school system. In the next compare and contrast essay topics, you will find topics relevant to your grade.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for University Students

  1. Who enjoys a better life? Students with part-time jobs or students who don’t work at all?
  2. Similarities and differences between compare and contrast essays and argumentative essays.
  3. Similarities and differences between essays and research papers
  4. Compare and contrast using smartphones or computers during research
  5. Which is better? Public university or private university?
  6. Being disciplined and academic success? How do these two compare and contrast?
  7. Who performs better in academics? Male students or female students?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for High School Students

  1. Which subject is easier to pass? Math or English?
  2. What are the behavioural differences and similarities between boys and girls?
  3. Which life experience is better? City life or rural life?
  4. Which method is better for improving health? Doing exercise or dieting?
  5. Compare and contrast Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi
  6. What are the differences and similarities between online learning and traditional learning?
  7. Who teaches better? Female teachers or male teachers?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Compare and contrast college learning and university learning
  2. Which paper is more complicated? Coursework or dissertation?
  3. What compares and differs between Ph.D. and Master’s degrees?
  4. Compare and contrast success in your career and choosing the right course in college
  5. Is it necessary for a college student to save money? Compare and contrast
  6. Are e-books better than hardcopy text textbooks? Compare and contrast
  7. Compare and contrast adopting virtual learning versus traditional classrooms

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Middle School Students

  1. Compare and contrast laptops and desktop computers
  2. Differences and similarities between galaxies and constellations
  3. How does the Lord of the Rings compare and contrast with Harry Potter?
  4. How does Windows operating system compare and contrast with Mac operating system?
  5. Compare and contrast Tony Blaire with Bill Clinton
  6. What are the differences and similarities between hurricanes and tornadoes?
  7. Should a student get a job after high school or join college? Compare and contrast.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for 6th Grade

  1. How does influence from your friends compare and contrast with influence from your family members?
  2. What are the differences and similarities between vegetarians and meat eaters?
  3. Compare and contrast playing soccer and playing baseball
  4. Which is better? Being detained in school or being detained in prison? Write similarities and differences
  5. Is it better to travel by bus or by train? Compare and contrast
  6. Compare and contrast life in a big city and living in a small town
  7. What are the differences and similarities between being afraid and being angry?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Elementary School

  1. What are the differences between Coke and Pepsi?
  2. Is it better to remain a child or to become an adult? Compare and contrast the similarities and differences
  3. How does Star Wars compare and contrast with Star Trek?
  4. How does a mother compare and contrast with a father?
  5. What are the differences and similarities between the two sports that you love most?
  6. The food I love most and the food I hate most: How do they compare and contrast?
  7. Is it better to have Winter or to have Summer? Write how they compare and contrast.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for College Students

  1. What are the differences and comparisons between living in reality and living in your dreams?
  2. What are the similar and contrasting effects in an individual after the death of their spouse or divorce?
  3. Is it better to stay at home during the college holidays or to take a vacation? Compare and contrast.
  4. How do the Koreans compare and contrast with* the Chinese?
  5. Which situation do people respond to better? Oppression or Freedom? Compare and contrast.
  6. How does studying abroad compare and contrast with studying locally?