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Top 10 Twitter Accounts Every Student Should Follow

There are plenty of Twitter feeds you can follow when you are a student, to the point where it is tough to know which are worth your time. Twitter wasn’t around when I was a student – oh those halcyon days – but I think it would have been a great assist to student life in general. So I dug out ten of the most popular feeds I could find that I think today’s students will find useful.


There is nothing better than a hidden tip, especially when it is exposed for the whole world to see. With this feed, I got free tips sent as tweets, and they are mainly aimed at making your life better as a student and an adult. They include tips on how I could prank my friends and how to pass job interviews.


The TFM feed has some pretty funny tweets that me and my friends really relate to. They have funny tweets with images and links. The humor is not based on one thing, which means that anybody can enjoy it if they are feeling a little tired or a little low. It is mostly for men, but some women like it too.


Yes, you should keep up to date with at least one news feed. Did you know we have nearly had a war three times this year because of Russia sending bombers and destroyers over to us, because of Ukraine, and because of Syria? In my opinion, the last thing I want is to only find out about this sort of stuff when I am on a plane with a gun strapped to my back.


This is a Twitter account that suddenly became popular by showing tweets of students at big parties and festivals. I have sent in a few pictures, and you can send your own pictures to the feed too. It helps to keep your friends updated and allows other people to see how much fun you are having whilst you are at college and university.


There are some students that say this Twitter feed is the only thing that keeps them going. I never used it that much myself, but my friends loved it. Motivation is a weird thing. I bought a book about it once. I will get around to reading it eventually. If you want a little motivation, then try this Twitter feed.


This feed is known for keeping students up to date with the most recent college news. The only problem is that most of what they have on their feed and website is invented to get search engine ratings, but they do have some funny and interesting fictional stories, such as how students have rigged mobile phones to contact alien life.


I have always been a sports fan, and lots of college students are sports fans, and if you are one of them, then it may be a good idea to follow the ESPN feed to see how your teams are doing.

8. @StunningCampus

With this feed, I got to see images of stunning students in sexy outfits. Actually, you cannot, it is all about college campuses, but I bet I got you going there. It has images of pretty college campuses. It is mildly interesting, and maybe useful for new starters or people that are interested in attending.


This is for upperclassmen that will soon want a job. You can get one-step ahead by looking up job openings in different fields. They actually have different feeds for different jobs so that things do not become too muddled. It is not clear why the Twitter account holders post this information, but that doesn’t matter so long as you get what you want.

10.@”Your school”

Maybe this is not a popular channel in the strictest sense, but you are supposed to follow the feed of your own college or school. It may tell you if your college is having a snow day, or if a special guest is visiting. Ours used to keep us up to date with our college sports teams too. They can tell you about campus events too, which may come in handy if you spend a lot of your time bored outside of classes.

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