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General Impression

The website is the easiest ever. It is so easy to use that they have a blonde girl like my friend Ella on the front of it to show how easy it is to use. I read it all because I needed to be sure that they kept my essay a secret. But, now when I go on the website I don’t even need to read because I can just click the order form.

Services provided

They have been doing almost every science paper and coursework that I am handed. My friends just keep calling me an idiot in that class because I never get it right, but now they have to shut up because I am even beating the boys with my homework and coursework.


They are low if you compare them to how much I spend on clothes, but they do cost money, which is why I can only order them for my science papers. But, I will be fine in my other subjects because most of them don’t matter.

Discounts and free features

There are some but I never have time to figure them out because I am too busy having a life.

Ordering process
You just click on the order form and follow the instructions. It is supposed to be really easy, but my friend is taking a drama class and she had to phone me to walk her through it, but I thought it was easy.

Communication with writer

I asked the woman in customer support if I could talk to my writer to find out if he is smart or not or if he is foreign, but she just said I needed a question. So, I asked for a photograph and told her I wanted to know if he was hot, but she said they couldn’t give out photos for legal reasons. There are others that have made contact with writers, but I gave up trying.


I have to pick the shorter deadlines because my teacher doesn’t give us very long to get the work done plus I do have to find time to go out with my friends too, so it just has to be a few days deadline every time.

The work I got

People in my class think they are so fantastic but I kicked them up the wrong-one with my essay. I save my money every month so I can afford another one. I just wish I could afford to pay for essays and stuff with math classes instead of just with my science classes, but the rest of my class can go to hell because my essays are the best. It is about time I got the respect I deserve and Best Custom Essay are making sure I stay queen bee. It is so good to be able to hand in work and not have people call me an idiot for getting it wrong.

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