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Top 10 Popular Essay Topics

  1. How media impacts society
  2. Are the motives of terrorists justified?
  3. Ignorance is never a bliss
  4. How immigration affects our society
  5. Is free will a freedom or a torture?
  6. What is the purpose of my life?
  7. How the fast food industry affects our health
  8. Is death penalty justified?
  9. How colonialism affected our world
  10. The links between anxiety and depression

When your professor allows you to choose a topic for the assignment they expect, the opportunity you get may be a double-edged sword. You first think “that’s great; I’ll just think of something interesting and write the essay in half an hour”. Unfortunately, it’s never that easy.

As all writers discover sooner or later, it is always harder to write about something you’re truly passionate about. You have your own interests and deep personal issues, but have difficulties to express them in a convincing manner. Another obstacle is when your mind goes blank and you cannot think of any interesting topic associated to the particular course.

If you don’t know where to start, the most popular essay topics will help you make a choice. All below-listed topics give you a lot of opportunities to write a meaningful discussion, and professors are never tired of reading about them.

This issue never grows old. You may start with the usage of media for political influence throughout the history and summarize with the effects of social media upon the views we form today. You can also choose a specific era and show how people were affected by media in that particular time.

Are the motives of terrorists justified?

A little controversy always works into your benefit. Try to explore the beliefs of terrorists and discover why they decide to take their actions.

Ignorance is never a bliss

The thing that bothers professors the most is that their students are not interested in political issues or serious problems that affect today’s world. If you show them that you care, a great grade will be coming your way!

How immigration affects our society

Don’t have a negative attitude when elaborating this issue. Explore the effects of immigration from different points of view and present your own arguments. This would be a great topic for an elaborate research paper as well.

Is free will a freedom or a torture?

Many brilliant essays have been written on the topic of free will, but your teacher would be surely interested in reading another one. This is a deep issue that requires a lot of thinking, but you’ll enjoy writing about it. Here is a little hint: read Dostoevsky’s Brothers Karamazov before writing this essay; or at least go through the part about
The Grand Inquisitor.

What is the purpose of my life?

When your professor tells you to write a personal essay, this would be a great topic to cover. Think about your interests and aspirations, and present a broad vision about your future and the way you will affect the world you live in.

How the fast-food industry affects our health

There is a lot of scientific data you can use to support your arguments. You don’t have to take a negative stand right from the beginning; try to think of the reasons why it’s easier for people to eat cheap, fast food today than to commit themselves to healthy living.

Is death penalty justified?

This is a perpetual issue. There are many arguments on both sides, so discover where you stand and tell the reader why you are right.

How colonialism affected our world

Colonialism is both good and bad, depending on the angle you take. Conduct thorough research and discuss the effects of colonialism on the political structures, social life, economy, and freedom of people.

The links between anxiety and depression

Although this is a commonly elaborated topic, your teacher will appreciate your efforts to go deeper into the discussion. Mention famous people as examples, but still approach anxiety and depression as personal issues that are never easy to surpass.

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