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Top 7 Apps for Students. These Apps Will Make Your Life Easier!

Thanks to educational technology, your life as a student is deprived from several difficulties. For example, you won’t forget important assignments when you equip your smartphone with the right app. When you have an essay to write, you can easily find the needed resources and assistance thanks to technology. The only problem is: which apps should you start using?

Don’t worry, I have all the answers. Install these apps and your life will become more enjoyable!

1. GoConqr

Formerly known as ExamTime, GoConqr is an inevitable addition to the toolkit of the most successful students. It enables you to create online notes, flashcards, mindmaps, and quizzes. In addition, the app features an online calendar, private messaging tool, study groups, and study planner. Basically, you’ll have different study tools in a single app. You can share the materials you create with your classmates.

2. Circle of 6

This app will enable you to stay safe, connect with your friends to stay close, and even prevent violence from occurring. If you are studying in an unknown city, it is important to keep safety in mind. Circle of 6 will connect you with 6 contacts of your choice, and it will prepare a default message with your location, ready to be sent at any time.

3. TED

Of course you need to install TED on your phone. When you have free time, you will spend it purposefully thanks to this app. The talks from influential people will remind you of the importance of your studies. You can listen to the wisdom of music legends, technology experts, educators, business magnates, and people from many other professions. It doesn’t matter what your mood is; you will always find a suitable TED talk to uplift it.

4. RealCalc

This is a scientific calculator you’ll actually like. It is free of charge, so you no longer have to invest tons of money for a nice calculator that would help you solve cube roots and tricky equations. This app is just as effective and functional as any scientific calculator you would purchase.

5. Oxford Dictionary of English

The lectures of college and university professors are much less understandable than the ones you were used to during high school. These people love using smart words that mean absolutely nothing to you. Thanks to this app, you won’t stare in confusion. Just grab your phone and you’ll instantly find a big word the lecturer decided to throw in.

6. Maths Alarm Clock

If you are one of those students who hit the snooze button countless times before they finally understand they’ve missed an important lecture, then Maths Alarm Clock is the tool for you. This app will make math even more frustrating for you, but it’s the most efficient wakeup system you’ve ever encountered. The alarm will turn off if you solve the simple math problem it suggests. That will definitely wake you up.

7. SelfControl

How many times have you started conducting a research for an important project only to end up wasting hours on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Social media websites are fun when you have free time on your hands, but they can also be detrimental when they distract you from important work. SelfControl enables you to block all unnecessary websites that can be potentially distracting. You will set the exact time, and the app will prevent you from accessing those sites.

Now that you know which apps will make you a more efficient student, it’s time to start exploring them all!

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