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Best Sites to Rate and Find Out about Professors and Teachers

No one is spared from online reviews and ratings.

Back in the day, students would get forms to fill in. But nobody saw those ratings. They were for the needs of the school.

When the students wanted to know about a particular professor and their course, they would ask around. They would find a student who already took the class, and they would ask: “Could you rate your lecture?”

It’s easier to get the professor rate nowadays. You’ll go online, and you’ll find a website that offers teacher ratings. Students share their personal feedback. You can use these sites when you start submitting college applications, too. In that case, you’ll need “rate my school” opinions.  

Top 5 Sites to Rate and Find Out about Your Professor and Teacher

1. Rate My Professors

RateMyProfessors is one of the most popular sites that feature reviews of teachers and schools. It has attracted thousands of users, so it’s easy to find feedback on any professor that teaches in the USA.

The Rate My Professor website also offers reviews on schools, so you’ll find it useful when applying to college.

2. Uloop covers almost every school in the USA. It’s entirely powered by students. It’s an environment where teachers don’t have a say. It’s perfect, don’t you think?

College professor ratings are not the only thing the website focuses on. You’ll also get tips and info on tickets, food delivery insurance, shopping scholarships, travel, online courses, student loans, textbooks, and more. The website also helps you find roommates!

3. Rate My Teachers is for evaluating teachers from elementary and secondary schools in the USA, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia. Students at this level deserve to review a professor in a dedicated environment.

The platform enables you to search for a professor by entering their name. You can also see the reviews on schools, and you can put your own two cents.  

4. Koofers

Over a million college students use It’s a platform where hundreds of thousands of teachers get evaluated. You can find your professor and review them, but you can also read feedback on teachers from your school.

Koofers offers something more than reviews. You can get flashcards and practice exams. You’ll get access to a list of jobs and internships for students.

5. Students Review looks like an outdated site at first sight. However, it’s full of information on universities. It’s a valuable resource when you’re trying to pick a school. 

How to Find Reviews on Professors/Teacher?

It’s simple: you’ll go through professor rating sites. We will suggest a few of those sites below.

Now, let’s focus on the importance of professor reviews:

  • They help you find a course that you’re really interested in. Some courses come with cool descriptions, but you realize you made a mistake after the first class. It’s too challenging, too repetitive, or too boring. The reviews will tell you what to expect.
  • You’re getting first-hand experience. Many of the students who leave feedback enjoy being part of the community. They think: “I’ll review my professor to help them earn a better reputation. She deserves it, since the class was awesome!” They will also leave a negative review if they were unhappy with the knowledge they gained.

When you have an opportunity to choose courses, you’re faced with several options. Making a mistake at this point will cause a lot of stress further on. The simple task of reading reviews will help you avoid that struggle.

Where Can I Rate a Professor/Teacher?

There are options.

  • You can rate your professor through the websites that we’ll list. These are specialized platforms, where students gather to rate teacher. High school, college, and university professors don’t get spared there. Everyone shares an honest opinion.
  • You can start your own blog, where you’ll share college professor reviews. Many of your peers will join. They will want to contribute to a website that evaluates the teachers of that school in a fairway.
  • You can also write opinions on Reddit. That forum will make your posts difficult to find, but if someone is looking for a review of that particular professor, they will find you.

How to Use Professor Rating Sites

  • Use them to get reviews of schools. If you’re trying to choose a college or university, you’ll find the reviews helpful.
  • Get professor ratings. This aspect of rating sites will help you choose the right courses this semester.
  • Use the sites to grade your professor. Contribute with your own feedback! Some of your teachers deserve honest recommendations. But others need to improve. You can share your feedback anonymously. Teachers read these websites, so they will consider constructive criticism to become better.

Do the Best Teachers Get the Best Ratings?

Yes. There are students who want to criticize professors even though they got high-quality teaching. However, you’ll easily notice the reviews that come from lazy students who don’t want to make an effort. “I’m rating my professor low because he gave us a research paper to write!” That’s not a fair review.

When you decide to rate your teacher, offer as many details as possible. Why are you happy with their teaching? What could they improve? Share valuable information that will help other students to decide if they want to take that class!