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Film Essay: Remember the Titans – A Movie to be Remembered

Every day the world leaders call for big actions of kindness and humanity, to fight against racism, and to support equality and tolerance. But their words certainly don’t carry as strong of a meaning as the movie ‘Remember the Titans’.
This movie represents one of the revolutionary moments in the history of American sports, where the battle was led between two different races who were on the same team. Despite the powerful and moving message behind the story, there’s so much more to see except Denzel Washingtons emotional and core-shaking speeches and a few bonding moments between teammates.

The movie was released in 200 and was directed by Boaz Yakin, who is both a director, producer, and writer on many historically memorable films such as The Punisher, Prince of Persia, and Dirty Dancing. The two main roles are played by Denzel Washington, who plays the wise, calm yet passionate coach Boone, and Will Paton who plays coach Yoast. The film is based on an integration of a high-school football team in Alexandria, Va. in 1971. The schools in Virginia were segregated for generations, but these students and coaches changed it all. Throughout the entire movie, students, along with the coach as the leader, learn to become a team overcome the racial differences and become a symbol of unity for the entire community. But the path towards bringing the community together isn’t easy for either of the football players, coaches, or their families.

The first impression I got from watching the movie was that it’s not a typical drama. First of all, it’s based on real events which gives the entire story a strong background. The film turned out to be intriguing and captivating, not because of the sleek and carefully directed movie scenes, but because of the story itself and the actors who portrayed it so well.
Remember the Titans is a rare movie that succeeds in telling an emotional and revolutionary story of overcoming racism, but at the same time enables you to succeed creating convincing and strong characters, settings, and suspense that keeps you going throughout the entire movie.
One of the most powerful scenes that set the tone and the direction of the entire movie happens at the very beginning of the movie when Coach Boom, played by Denzel, gives a speech to the team stating that this is not a democracy and that he is the law. Eventually, his enthusiasm and loyalty will mirror onto the players.

The musical scenes and the soundtrack complete the entire movie, by setting the tone and atmosphere, and on certain occasions of watching the movie I felt engaged and as if I was present with them. In my opinion, they couldn’t have picked a better soundtrack that evokes suspense, sadness, and compassion at just the right moment.

I was impressed by the actors and the way the characters were shaped and molded. The director seemed to paint his characters with vivid and cartoonish-like colors. All of the characters stand out in their appearance, the way act and talk, which gives the entire movie a special flavor and keeps you from getting bored from the characters. The tone and power of Denzel Washington’s speeches and the strong and heartfelt messages it carried wouldn’t have been so compelling if the entire character wasn’t perfected. But Denzel managed to take the role to perfection and give the entire movie a feeling to be remembered.

Remember the Titans is a movie you shouldn’t miss. Some might find it over-dramatic but in reality, it portrays history with the right balance of emotions, reality, and drama. It shows the injustice, lack of tolerance, racism back in the day, and what people had to go through because of the immense haterade. However, this movie managed to portray how people can overcome every difference when faced with life-threatening situations, and how the team brings us all together and fades away from our differences.