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General Impression is an extremely user friendly website, with easy navigation and plenty of useful educational and informational resources. As I was looking for help with writing my essay on the Civil War topic, I was able to quickly get in contact with a writer who had a major in History and Social Sciences. … Read More »

General Impression The first time I visited website I was a little disappointed. The website is not so well organized, and I had a difficult time browsing through titles and finally finding what I was looking for. The pages also loaded quite slowly, which I believe is quite a problem especially since I was … Read More »

General Impression The Impression I got from the website is that they can write my essay in 12 hours or less. The site is very well designed, but the information on the site is just bullet points. They don’t really give you an answer to your initial questions about the service. I noticed the … Read More »


General Impression I didn’t find all that intriguing. It looked cheap and it was mostly made up of silly blurbs and tag lines. I found it had to many paragraphs of text did not need to be there, and the way they laid out the information on the site made it difficult to read. … Read More »


General Impression The website is one of a very small minority of websites that has you figure out your own price estimate, which was weird and a little bit off-putting. The website is user-unfriendly in many ways, especially when you consider that most of it is written for the search engines and not for … Read More »


General Impression The way the website is set up makes it look rather professional. If it were not for the silly lies on the website, then I may have considered it to be the best essay writing service website I have ever seen. Sadly, it was littered with lies, such as quotes from major news … Read More »


General Impression The website looks like it was built from a HostGator template. The website wasn’t annoying or intrusive, and it didn’t have anything that led me to worry or become annoyed. Yet, the website is full of nonsense that is meaningless. For example, there are statistics of their disciplines that is obviously completely made … Read More »


General Impression The website is awful. I thought it was a problem with my desktop device, so I switched to my phone, but it is still the same. There is a cartoon logo up the right-hand side that is out of focus and covers your view of the website. There is also an auto-start video … Read More »


General Impression The fact that the website is loaded with logos and spammy guarantee shields suggested to me that this is either a spam website or that it was created by an amateur. Considering that the design style looks like it was born in the year 2009, one has to assume that an amateur … Read More »