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Cause and Effect Essay: Texting As The Most Popular Means Of Communication

The rising popularity of messaging is not new especially in this era where popular apps such as Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and WhatsApp tops the list of the most downloaded apps. At 55%, texting is leading by a margin of 28% from the next option which is Instant Messaging while meeting with friends stands at 25%.
With a close look at the figures, the trend of texting seems quite strong, particularly for the younger generation.

Study shows that the youth prefer texting than one on one form of communication. Teen girls are seen to connect with their friends through texting as compared to boys, who dominate the video gaming world. Not a surprise but the margin cannot go unnoticed. Texting comes first ahead of other forms of communication such as talking on the phone.

Perhaps this may be the way to go for those willing to target a large number of consumers. Let’s leave that for another day. But, the facts are text messaging is growing at an alarming especially among the youths.

Well, what may be the main reason why instant messaging is the most preferred form of communication for all generations? Here are a few tips.

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1. Easy, fast and quick responses

Direct communication from phone to phone does not involve a long procedure since it does not need to go through a server like an email. You will be shocked to find that 90% of text messages are actually read within a short period of about 10 minutes. This means that the message is delivered quite faster than an email and there is a high probability of being answered within the shortest time possible. The trend is even growing with the new generation labeled “Gen Y’s” having their own way of communication that includes informal language and acronyms. Actually, this works for them through the adults may find it hard to understand. This has made it the easiest form of communication that is available and affordable in that case.

2. Multiple conversations at a go

The instant messaging platform allows one to have multiple streams of conversation at a go, so it is easier to have more people chatting at the same time. As compared to a phone call where you are limited to one call at a time, text messaging allows for two-way text messaging, so once can reply to a new conversation while the other users take some time to reply back.

3. Texting keeps users in the loop

Social media can be a great way to send messages to your followers, but you may not reach all the users at a go. Texting messaging, on the other hand, allows you to convey any information or updates that may be happening at the moment. With the help of various types of text messaging software, the users can be in a position to reply back and you have the feedback of what the other side looks like.

4. Availability of cheap smart phones

New smartphones are popping into the market every single day. Now, everyone can own one at a cost friendly price. This has made texting and instant messaging easier for everyone. Others have gone a notch higher with unique features such as a video function that allows you to see the other person when communicating.


Well, while texting may be receiving all the buzz with unending convenience when it comes to conveying information, there remains a major gap that is growing bigger each day. The social link, especially between parents and their children, is fading away slowly. The art of texting has a negative impact on our social life and education system at an alarming rate. Here are some of the ways texting could be killing our communication skills.

1. Texting ignores the need for conversations

Most people, especially in a gathering, will keep their heads buried to their phones texting. This denies us the chance to have a meaningful dialogue or a face-to-face conversation. It also reduces the benefit of body language in communication.

2. It’s a form of distraction

Texting distracts us from being present in the actual event. Messages interrupt our brain function and takes away the attention. As a result, we are not presence in the moment is not felt which is a shortcoming in the lives of many.

3. Texting ignores spelling and grammatical errors

Most people especially the young generation have invented their “own” language of communication that is not keen basic language skills. Shortcuts with punctuation, spelling and emoticons does not help our youth to learn the necessary writing and communication skills. These skills are important for their college education and the texting ends up ruining the moment.

There you have it. The pros and cons of text messaging. These are just few of the many points related to texting. But, perhaps it’s time we reduce on texting and give face to face communication a chance. What do you think?