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Best Resume Writing Services

Thanks to resume writing services, job applicants can stand out from their competitors. They can submit well-formatted resumes that answer the employer’s questions and make them think: “This is the kind of candidate I would love to interview.”

Job candidates hire the professional resume writers for various reasons. Most of the time, it’s because they can’t write. Sometimes they don’t have enough time. If a manager is aiming for an executive position, they usually hire a professional writer who works under their instructions. They understand the power of proper delegating, so they know they are more efficient if they get resume help.

The Best Resume Writing Services

It’s clear: the best resume writing services can play an important role in your career journey. But what service has the best professionals in its team? Read at least one review at our website before you order your resume. 

1. Certified resume writers

Social proof is important when you’re about to purchase job application documents. CareersBooster got some of the best resume writing services reviews on the web. It’s been available for years, and it has served thousands of customers with satisfactory results.

What’s different about Careers Booster? – Its writing team. Each member is a certified resume writer. We’re not talking about freelancers who took a look at a sample and will rewrite your resume without making it unique. These are actual hiring managers and expert writers, who dedicated their career to the HR industry.

The company offers resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, CV writing services, and additional products that complete a job application.

You can get a professionally written resume for a starting price of $155. If you want to get several products, you’ll save money by choosing one of the resume writing packages:

  • Full package: Cover letter + Thank-you and Follow-up letters + Resume service for $215 – $305
  • Full package: LinkedIn profile + Resume + Cover letter for $245 – $365
  • Package: Resume + Cover letter for $179 – $275

You noticed that there’s a range of prices for each package. That’s because the company allows you to hire its resume professional writers under your own deadline. You can set it to 5 days to get the most affordable price. But if the submission deadline is closer, you can set the deadline to 24 hours, 48 hours, or 3 days. The shorter the deadline, the more expensive the price. 

We recommend job applicants to go for a package instead of an individual product. For example, most people neglect the important of a LinkedIn profile. A resume is not enough nowadays. Recruiters roam the web to hunt candidates who haven’t applied for their positions. For those who applied, they conduct an online research to check their reputation. That’s why it’s important to think beyond the resume when composing a job application. CareersBooster is a well-rounded service that makes you look like the perfect candidate in the eyes of a hiring manager.  

2. Professional CV writers

For those who are after quick and effective resume services, is a good choice. The company hires professional CV writers, with years of experience providing job application documents. You can easily create an account and order your resume in a matter of minutes. It will be done by your deadline, and it will be absolutely unique. 

The thing that makes Resumes Planet one of the most popular resume services is its News section. It’s an outstanding blog that offers free job search and interviewing resources. When you’re about to start applying for a job, read at least one article per day and you’ll be ready to handle the process with utmost professionalism.

This company has a wide range of services. You can get help with an existing resume if you opt for the editing service. Writing from scratch is also available for resumes, CVs, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, and more.

You’ll save money if you opt for resume packages:

  • Package: Resume + Cover letter writing for $135 – $219
  • Package: Resume + LinkedIn profile + Cover letter for $189 – $309
  • Package: Resume + Cover letter + Thank-you & Follow-up letters for $165 – $245

Did you notice that this company has more affordable prices when compared to the first one on the list? It’s actually one of the cheapest agencies that still deliver good quality. The resume writers are real pros, and they always deliver original documents.

3. Free evaluation of your resume

InResumes is one of the most popular resume writing services, with over 1000 writers in its team. According to its own estimations, 31% job applicants are more likely to get an interview after they rely on its team. 38% are more likely to be contacted recruiters, and 40% are more likely to get a job.

These percentages don’t seem exaggerated. You’re more likely to influence a potential employer’s decision in a positive way when you submit a truly professional resume.

One of the best things about this website is its offer for a free evaluation of your resume. You should only submit your own job application document, and a pro writer will tell you if it works. They will list the flaws that could use some improvements. You’re not obligated to get resume writing help after this. If you can fix your own document, you can do it.

But if you decide to hire this professional resume service, you can get a good price for one of its packages:

  • Professional growth for $139 – you only get a resume in this package
  • Career change for $159 – you get a resume and cover letter
  • Executive level for $179 – you get a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile

Also, you can’t add additional services, such as thank-you/follow-up letters and resume submission to job search websites. It’s a straightforward service that delivers basic application documents. But it makes them really good! 

The professional resume writers from InResumes offer free advice through the website’s blog. You’ll understand how the hiring process works from the aspect of employers. How do they use the ATS? What are they looking for in the perfect resume? Do writing skills matter? This blog offers many answers that can turn you into a better job candidate.  

Are Resume Writing Services Worth It?

Should you hire a professional resume writing service or should you write your own application?

There are a few factors that go to the advantage of hiring resume writing services:

  • You’re dealing with experts, who know how the hiring process works. They know what employers are impressed by, and they can convey those elements in your resume.
  • They develop the resume writing process from scratch. They do not rely on dry templates that would make your application look basic.
  • A good online resume service will convey your character through the resume and cover letter. The resume writer will pay attention to your instructions. They will research the industry that you’re trying to enter. They will personalize the document to fit your requirements.
  • A professional writing service saves you time. If the application deadline is close, you don’t have time to take a resume writing course and spend hours reading tips. You want the document to be ready ASAP.
  • When you consider this as an investment in your career, the resume writing services prices are not that high. You don’t have to opt for the most expensive professional resume writing services. There are cheap resume writing agencies that still deliver great quality.

We’re not saying that every single job applicant needs to buy their resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. But if you can’t write well, you don’t know how to complete unique content, or you don’t have time to deal with this stuff, it’s best to let the pros do their job.

Where Can You Order the Perfect Resume?

This is a good question.

There are many resume and cover letter services. All of them promise to deliver great work. But the prices are different, and you can’t really tell what the quality is going to be like. That’s why you need to search for the most popular resume writing services, which have met the needs of thousands of customers.

You should go through online reviews!

At our website, we recommend the best companies that can deliver high-quality resumes to you. We test these agencies from first-hand experience. When you go through our evaluations, you’ll notice that we talk about all factors that make a writing service great:

  • The ease of the ordering process
  • The range of services
  • The deadlines
  • The prices
  • The free tips on the website
  • The quality

You would need hours to compare different services and figure out which one offers lower prices and a better range of services. But what about the quality? You can’t afford to hire an executive resume writer on each website, just to check who delivers better work. You can check the samples, but they don’t give you all the information you need.

That’s why we use these services from a customer’s point of view, and we give you the ultimate guidelines.

No service stands behind our team. We are independent reviewers with an interest in the job search industry. Our goal is to help job applicants to get the best work for their money.

Our reviews have an open comment section. We invite all customers of resume writing services to share their impressions. That’s how we complete our own experience with real feedback from other customers. Go ahead; search through our reviews and you’ll easily find the best resume writing service.