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General Impression

The way the website is set up makes it look rather professional. If it were not for the silly lies on the website, then I may have considered it to be the best essay writing service website I have ever seen. Sadly, it was littered with lies, such as quotes from major news groups that were never really made and addresses to articles that are nothing to do with the writing company. All in all, the website was the most professional of all the essay writing services I have seen recently., shame it is mostly untrue.

Services Provided

There are numerous levels of study that you can pick, and their range of subjects is massive. They use a writing group, which means they will find somebody to write anything you send them. The base service is expensive enough, which is why I couldn’t afford to upgrade my paper, but the resultant piece was so good that I am glad I didn’t upgrade my service with up-sells.


The pricing system is very odd in a way that makes this service very difficult to compare to other essay writing services. Instead of charging per page, they charge per 1000 words and they vary the price as per the deadline. Plus, the website only allows you to pick high grades for your work. Their prices are high, but they only offer high quality work, so it evens out if you break down the price and compare it with other services that offer high quality work.

Discounts and Free Features

There are no discounts or freebies. There are a few things that you get for free as standard, such as how they do not charge you for a title page, but they do not charge you because they do not work on a page basis and they work on the number of words you order.

Ordering Process

I really liked the ordering process because it was the most advanced of any essay writing service I have ever tried. It takes you through the ordering process one step at a time. You start by picking your quality level, then your subject, and you go down the list one-by-one until your order is complete. The only downside to this is that you cannot fiddle with the prices as easily as you can with other quoting tools. If you want to play around with the prices with this system, then you have to go back to the start and try again.

Communication with Writer

There was no communication with the writer because they use a writing group instead of having their own writers. They use a pool of writers from Academic Minds, which is an eastern writing group that hires people from around the world. They pay writers $2 per 100 words, and you can apply yourself if you feel like it because they do not check your qualifications.


I received an email that said the correct deadline, but it was almost 12 hours late. It was weird too because the email had a bunch of foreign writing that looked Chinese. I had to hand it in the next day, so I didn’t get chance to check it properly, but as my professor has not questioned the work, it is must have been original.

The Work I Got

I didn’t get chance to check the work over, but it seemed to read very well. There was nothing in the essay that made me worry. It didn’t have a unique writing style where my professor would suspect I didn’t write it. The paper had been formatted correctly, and it was a little over the 1000 words that I had ordered. Each of the evidence-based points had been researched and refined so that it slotted nicely into my essay.