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General Impression

The first thing they did was to slap a popup in my face when I entered. It had a timer counting down that said I could get a special offer if I signed up in time. I let the clock expire, and then I entered false details and they still allowed me to get the discount, so my first impression was that they are l bit dodgy. I checked the web coding, and the website reads your cookies and alters the website to sell to you based on your location and on the information it pulls from your Facebook and advertising cookies. I like the fact that the website has a call me back function because I didn’t want to pay for the call myself. I was sad to see that the website was loaded with text, which is just filler for the search engines to key into.

Services Provided

The writing company will write your essay from scratch, they will edit your work, proofread it, answer your multiple-choice questions, and they will solve your problems (test problems). There are three quality levels for your work, and they also offer admission help too. If you have a very small order, then they say they will complete it within three hours.


The lowest price you can get is a $9.97 per page price, but they add taxes on when you make your order, and there are up-sells that you may accidentally buy. The highest prices are around the $56 per page mark, but that is only if you want your work done within three hours. If you want admission help, then their prices may go as high as $197 per page which is very expensive.

Discounts and Free Features

There is a section on the website that says, “Freebies.” In it they offer a free reference page, a free title page, free formatting and a free plagiarism check. They also say that they will revise your work for free too. There are no discounts, but there are plenty of extras that the company says you are getting at a very low price. I didn’t take them up on their offer because I couldn’t afford them.

Ordering Process

You can start the ordering process on the home page. You enter the number of pages you want, the deadline and so forth, and then click the continue button. You have to enter your details, and then your order details, and then they get to the price calculator where the extra fees are added on.

Communication with Writer

I submitted a number of questions to the writer, but there is a chance that the writer didn’t receive them because I received notifications saying that the postmaster didn’t deliver the messages. I tried using Edge rather than IE, but it didn’t help. I also tried the submission form via the website, and I tried it using FireFox. It went through because I received an email confirmation, but I didn’t get a reply.


They hit the deadline, but I set a long deadline that was hard to miss. I could have pushed them harder with a shorter deadline, but their short-deadline prices are too expensive for me.

The Work I Got

I found the work to be unremarkable, but I suppose that is what you get for the price. I have a sneaking suspicion that the writer was originally foreign and that the editing team had played around with it. I only mention it because some of the sentence syntax errors were typical of those made by people learning the English language. Such as the addition of “ing” to words where it is not necessary. I checked it over, changed a few things, and submitted the work as my own. The professor didn’t know I wasn’t the original writer, so things worked out okay.