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General Impression

My first impression was that the whole process might be a little complicated. The high is full of small writing and then when I clicked on term paper it just gave me a load of details about what they do. But, I scrolled down and saw the quoting tool and it got a lot easier. All I had to do was find my price, click the order widget, enter my details and type out my instructions. I strongly suggest that anybody that uses the site type in all the instructions given to them by their professor.

Services provided

The writer did my term paper for me. I was going to blow through it quickly and maybe ask them to proofread it for me, but I knew I wouldn’t score very well if I did. I am glad I had the writer do the entire term paper for me because it came out very polished and looked far more professional than I would have been able to do it in such a short time.


I ordered with a two-day deadline, and I regret not being able to give them longer so that I could have paid less. It was worth the money in the end, and I didn’t use the extra VIP support or plagiarism report so I could save some money.

They did a lot of free stuff such as give me a title page, bibliography, and formatting. They also offered free order tracking but I never used it. They formatted it as per my instructions to the writer too.

Ordering process
It was easy. I just used the quotation tool and clicked through to the order form.

Communication with writer

I did have to give more details to my writer about what needed to be done because I didn’t write enough instructions for my project when I first ordered. But, we cleared it all up very quickly so it was not a problem. That is why I suggest that people enter in all the instructions given to them by their professor on the order form.


I didn’t leave myself very long to do the paper. They got it back to me in two days so I had time to check it, but I didn’t really need to do that because it was perfect. All I needed to do was add my name to it.

The work I got

I ran it through a plagiarism checker to be on the safe side, but it came out clean. I was surprised that they were able to get it done so quickly and so well, but I read some reviews the other day saying that the writers are professional writers that do this every week, so it stands to reason that they can produce at a fast rate if they are getting practice all the time.

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