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CoolEssay Review








General Impression
Coolessay’s video makes for great marketing, saying everything you need to know about the service without even having to look into their website. However, in my experience, a company is not proven good unless you evaluate everything thoroughly and check their quality by ordering a paper.
This is exactly what I did to check whether is the right service for students.

Services Provided
Even though the website of the company is very unique and good, there is no Services page to be found. I’d recommend looking into the ordering form to see if your paper is in the list. Prices do not depend on the type of paper, so you cannot find this information in the Pricing page.

Still, there is not really a need to check since the company offers the option ‘any other paper’ alongside the listed services. This means that they deliver all types of academic papers, for any deadline and academic level.
This is great for returning customers, but in order to deliver everything of high quality, the company would have to work with many writing experts.

With prices that start at $10 per page, I got the impression that this is an affordable service. However, this price applies to high school level and a deadline of 14 days, and the other prices are a bit steeper than this.
Still, I would rate as an affordable service. My paper cost $26 per page for Master’s level and a deadline of a week, which is a good bargain. Still, it would be a much better option if the company gave good discounts.

Discounts and Free Features
Even though the website is good, the company has some serious lack of discounts and free features. The only information found on the website is an indication of discounts, and a tip to contact the customer service for more information.
Their customer service is very difficult to reach since no one replied to the live chat the first two times I tried to contact them. When I finally got in touch with one of the company’s agents, they gave me a tiny discount of 5% for a first order.

Ordering Process

The ordering process is very easy, but the issue remains with the customer service. If you get stuck somewhere in the middle, you can hardly find them and ask for assistance.

Communication with Writer
I had no communication with the writer. This company does not have this option.

I was very optimistic about when I saw the services list and the pricelist, but the discounts and delivery made me believe this service is much less than they promise to be. My paper was delivered a day late, after which I could not even reach them to get a refund.

The Work I Got
In my opinion, it does not really matter how good the paper is once a company fails you in terms of deadline. If you miss the deadline at school, no professor will care what you have a day later. Still, for the purpose of this review, I’d say that the quality was average. Still not worth a price without a good discount.

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