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As I researched through Writemyessay4me reviews, I noticed that I wasn’t the only one with such a bad experience. The service is a waste of money, and many other students confirmed that fact. The Writemyessay4me website is nice and I would love to see an improvement in the quality the company delivers. Maybe they could hire better writers, who pay more attention to the customer’s requirements.

Writemyessay4me Overview

A few months ago, I got a comment on one of my reviews: “You’re always so negative.” That made me think, since I’ve never perceived myself as a negative person. I’m pretty bubbly, to tell you the truth. As for the reviews, I like to call myself realistic.

It’s the services. Yes; there are many “non-positive” reviews at my site. That’s because I’ve used too many agencies that were downright disappointing. But hey; there are nice services, too.

I approached Writemyessay4me with the hope to redeem myself. I thought: “This website looks nice, so maybe I’ll finally recommend a great service to my readers.”

It’s time for my review. Hint: unfortunately, it was yet another disappointment.

Prices and Discounts

The prices start at an affordable rate of $15 per page. That’s the price for high-school level, but it comes for a deadline of 10+ days. That “plus” has always confused me. It gives the writer space to go way over those 10 days.

The deadlines of 6 hours and 3 hours aren’t available for MA and PhD level. I get that. The highest price is for University level with a deadline of 3 hours. It’s $60. We’re getting into the category of expensive here. We don’t get any discounts. So yes; I guess we could say that is expensive.

Ordering Process

It’s pretty standard. To hire Writemyessay4me, you fill in an order form with instructions. The order form is great; it combines the registration and ordering process into one. You get a chance to choose a Premium Writer for your order, but keep in mind that you’re going to pay an even higher price.

As soon as I placed the order, the process started. Writemyessay4me assigned a writer, but I didn’t get any info about their expertise. I got the paper on time. Revisions are guaranteed, but I didn’t get them.

Is Writemyessay4me Legit?

It depends on your luck.

If you check out Writemyessay4me reviews, you’ll notice that many customers aren’t happy with the quality they receive. That being said, there are terms and conditions that are supposed to protect your rights as a customer.

The problem is: the team doesn’t always comply with those guarantees. I didn’t get my revisions, although they were well-deserved.


I don’t like it when a service sets 10+ days, 8-9, 6-7, or 4-5 days as a deadline. I like getting an exact date and an exact hour as the final line. isn’t precise with its deadlines. I set the deadline of 4-5 hours for my order. The writer took twelve hours above the 5-day deadline.

The Work I Got

How do I put this without being negative… it was bad. That’s the only way to describe it.

I requested an essay on how Bitcoin will change the American economy. I wanted specific statistics and predictions from experts.

I got the paper, but it was not what I expected. The writer wrote general content on how Bitcoin is a scam, without supporting any of the opinions with facts. I thought that if they provided revisions based on the initial instructions, I would have the chance to write a more positive review. Yeah; that didn’t happen. I sent several messages to the support team. No one responded.