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General Impression

My friend made it sound like a very posh website but it was just a content management system built system and it put me off a little. Still, their writers are not their website designers so I decided to give it a chance. As soon as I started with the website an IM function popped up on the right of the screen with a very loud ping noise.

It was viciously annoying because almost every time I switched pages it did it again. I complained about it to the customer support but they never gave me a response.

Services provided

I just needed three homework assignments completed. They were not important but I did not have time to do them on my holiday because I was going to Tenerife with my family. I handed them over and asked that they send them back in 20 days, which is the longest deadline they have for essays.


Don’t bother clicking on the prices tab because you will just have to put up with the ping sound ringing through your house like an angry cat. I had the longest deadline they would allow, so I had the lowest price I could. I had to choose college level because the high school level would have probably left me with a fail. College level costs as little as $14.90 per page and as much as $36.95 per page.

Discounts and free features

They had discounts for 30-59 pages at 5%, plus I was submitting three pieces of work so I bulked them together as one project so I could get the discount. I needed the discount money so that I could replace my speakers after smashing them from hearing one too many pinging sounds.

Ordering process

I found my price, which was the lowest possible college level price, and moved over to the order form. I entered all the details of the three projects into one order so I could get the best value.

Communication with writer

I went on vacation for the time it took them to do it. The writer never contacted me when I got home, I just had the essays delivered to my email and that was that.


They had 20 days to do to work in so I was not too worried about them missing the deadline. They didn’t miss the deadline, they sent through the work as soon as the deadline arrived.

The work I got

I cannot say it was bad, but it did seem as if the writer wasn’t sure about the project. It seemed like the writer had done a bit of research and then rewritten a bunch of things so that it worked for the questions. I haven’t had a grade back yet, but I doubt it will be anything special. I could have done it far better myself but I was on vacation. They were not bad but I would not use the same company again.

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