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General Impression
The homepage of speaks of ‘a record of success’, but after looking at feedback online, I became very concerned about the quality they offer. Feedback is very varied and there is a concerning number of comments regarding deadline issues.

Services Provided
You won’t find a Services page on the official website, but you can see the list in the free calculator. The company does not deliver a wide range of academic papers, since the list consists of only the most commonly assigned papers.
For those who wish to order all their papers online, this may pose an issue. However, if the company turns out to be a good content provider, it may be worth giving it a shot.

With prices that start at only $10 per page, seems like the obvious choice for every student looking for help with their papers. However, in my experience, prices that are unrealistically low often indicate bad content, since quality writers should request higher payments that fit their expertise.
To evaluate this, I ordered a paper from the service. Read on.

Discounts and Free Features
The only available discounts on the website are the lifelong discounts found on the Prices page. These are the commonly provided discounts, ranging from 5% to 15% depending on the accumulated orders. Other than this, I found no first-order discount or any special offers.

Ordering Process
Ordering from the service is also easy, seeing that you only need to fill in a form and pay for your paper. However, I had some small questions regarding the deadlines and ordering process, which is why I contacted the customer service.

The agents were very pleasant to speak to and promptly guided me through the ordering process. But, this was my experience only before I paid for the paper. Afterwards, the customer service ignored me completely when I asked for a refund due to late delivery.

Communication with Writer
My communication with the writer was set to minimum, especially when I tried to get in touch with him after he missed my deadline. It was only after 24 hours that he replied to my concerning messages, saying that he thought my deadline was one day later. Of course, I got no reply from the customer service and therefore, no refund or even a simple ‘sorry’.

As I mentioned, my paper was delivered late. How late? Well, the writer missed my deadline with 24 hours delay, which is one of the worst things that can happen to students when they entrust a professional with their assignments. This only confirmed what feedback online said – the on-time delivery is very bad with this company.

The Work I Got
I find this step to be irrelevant since the company missed my deadline, but you probably want to know more about the quality of content.

After I got my paper, I was too preoccupied with getting my money back because of the delay, that I did not even notice the paper was of average quality. This is not so bad considering the low prices, but I already gave up on the customer service and realized I spent a valuable amount of money on low quality service.

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