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What Is is an academic writing service with a strange pricing system and too much text at its website.

My initial impression wasn’t positive. But I never base my evaluations on first impressions. I intend to give you detailed reviews, so I ordered a paper here. I’ll share my experience, so read on!

Prices and Discounts

I already mentioned that the pricing system at was strange. Let me explain.

There’s a nice price calculator on the homepage. If you choose an essay, article, or any other usual type of project, you’ll get a reasonable price for it. For the deadline of 14 days, the prices start at only $7.97 per page. For the highest level of quality with a 3-hour deadline, the price is $45 per page.

Although there are no discounts here, the prices are affordable.

But what happens if you want to order an admission essay? In that case, you’ll pay a crazy quote of up to $157 per page. The strangest part is that the price calculator on the homepage shows different quotes when compared to the dedicated price chart. That one shows quotes up to $102 per page. The order form shows you the higher quote.

I’m beyond disappointed to see such a misleading price chart. Writingessayeast; you better fix this issue!

Is WritingEssayEast Legit?

In general, Writingessayeast is a legit service. However, the issues with the different prices on different sections at the website is serious. When you see the price chart, you expect to pay one price, but the order form gives you another.

Maybe the company changed its prices, but the webmasters forgot to adjust the price chart. Whatever the issue is, it doesn’t contribute to the reputation of

Ordering Process

There’s a section at the website called Our Process. If you expect to see a detailed explanation of the ordering process, you’ll be disappointed.

Anyway, the process of ordering is standard. You fill in a form, you pay and you wait for your order.


The deadlines in the price chart range from 14 days to 24 hours. In the order form, you’re able to choose a deadline up to 3 hours.

I found several reviews by students complaining about missed deadlines. In my case, the writer respected the deadline of 2 days. But I didn’t like the quality of my paper. Let me tell you more about it.

The Work I Got

I chose the highest level of quality (Professional in this case). I paid a price of $25 per page for this essay. It’s reasonably affordable.

The quality of the work wasn’t impressive. It was disappointing. The writer took a few paragraphs from Wikipedia, rewrote them, and repeated the same arguments throughout the paper. The conclusion was too similar to the introduction. It was everything your professor tells you NOT to do when writing an essay.

Final Verdict

This service did not impress me. There’s a lot of misinformation on the website, as well as useless content. Reading the content at the website leads to a simple conclusion: these writers aren’t that great.

I hope that the company will hire better writers and will fix all its issues. It has some potential, but it’s far from being a decent service that someone would enjoy working with.