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General Impression

The website looks like it was built from a HostGator template. The website wasn’t annoying or intrusive, and it didn’t have anything that led me to worry or become annoyed. Yet, the website is full of nonsense that is meaningless. For example, there are statistics of their disciplines that is obviously completely made up, and the same is true of their testimonials. They offer a list of websites where their website has been mentioned but follow the links and you will find nothing to do with the website. Sneaky, sneaky, pretty cheeky.

Services Provided

I clicked on the “Services” link on their website, and it showed me nothing. Since they were being so secretive about it, all I can say is that they will write your drama paper for you because that is what I had written for me. I do not know what else they do.


You have to order at least two pages. Their prices start at $18 per page, with the minimum order being $36 plus additional fees at the end of the order process. The price for things such as higher quality and progressive delivery will vary because they are charged in percentages. You will have to create an account if this is your first time using the service, but they do not charge you a fee for having or maintaining an account. They only charge you for the services you buy.

Discounts and Free Features

There were none. I couldn’t find any, they wouldn’t give me any, they would not knock money off my order. I told them it was my first order, but they said their prices are set by their corporate office. I am not quite sure what they meant by it. Maybe their office was closed.

Ordering Process

Click the “Order Now” button and it takes you to their order form where it looks a little bit like the price calculator, but it has more functions attached. Enter your project details and scroll down to enter your deadline, number of pages, and to buy their additional services. Though it isn’t obvious, they offer three different quality levels. To access the higher quality levels, you need to press the thing that looks like a table that is named “Writer category.” They add your quality prices in percentages, which makes it difficult to guess your final price. You can see the total estimated price before you make your order.

Communication with Writer

I was very sure to keep giving the writer all the new information that the professor was doling out. I wasn’t allowed to ask how it was going because that is part of their “Progressive delivery” service. The up sells do not seem to offer very much. Maybe they are for people who have too much money.


I received the essay as per the deadline I set. The work was paid for when I first made the order. They did not send me the essay, which is different to what I am used to. Instead, they had me log in to my account and download the assignment from the website.

The Work I Got

It was okay-to-average. I cannot pick any major faults with it, but I feel sorry for the foreign students who have all of their essays written by companies such as this one. The work had nothing original or interesting about it. It was bland and uninspired, but I suppose you have to pay a lot more money if you want something unique and fresh. I am not sure if the writer rewrote another person’s essay, but my professor didn’t call me out for rewriting, so I was happy with the outcome.