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General Impression

The website is awful. I thought it was a problem with my desktop device, so I switched to my phone, but it is still the same. There is a cartoon logo up the right-hand side that is out of focus and covers your view of the website. There is also an auto-start video on the website, which is annoying enough on its own, but it is also a low-resolution video that is about six seconds long and loops over and over. There are spammy guarantee shields, oversized buttons, and the page looks a complete mess. The only reason I went ahead with my order is because they said they would do a rewrite, which I thought may help me save some money.

Services Provided

They offer essay writing, re-writing (which is not a common service option), editing, timed quiz completion, PowerPoint, and “Other.” They have used “Other” as a way of making you contact them. if you do wish to make contact, you cannot unless you give them your name and email address. They say they will complete any type of academic essay, but the website doesn’t say which. They just want you to get in touch.


I wanted six pages of rewritten content, for which they charged me $80, but I had to make contact with them and get a quote as they would not give me an estimate on their website. I had them rewrite six pages from an ethics essay. If I had ordered six pages of fresh content, then they were going to charge me $120, which is a little too expensive for an amateur company like this one.

Discounts and Free Features

There were no discounts and no free features. I didn’t get a free title and the bibliography was not free because it was the same one that I handed over to them. Also, I feel I should mention the ironic point where their website says they will rewrite your work to improve its quality and its grammar, and in the same paragraph they use the line, “Quality work is the backbone that keeps clients coming back for more.” I was hoping that their quality would be the rib cage that keeps people locked in, or the boomerang bone that makes people return.

Ordering Process

The order form is a disgrace. There are certain page elements that you click on that auto-start a chat with the customer service department. Even if you click on something such as “Number of Pages,” you have to talk to the customer service department if you want a rewrite. The quote they give you is not a real one, it is only an estimate, and I couldn’t see the quote unless I scrolled down and looked at the top of the page at the blue bar that was generated when I scrolled. It is honestly the most frighteningly inept order form I have ever used in my life.

Communication with Writer

I am pretty sure that the person I had contact with was a customer service department employee. I am almost certain that the person I kept communicating with was not the person writing my essay rewrite. I wasn’t that bothered about contacting the writer, but the process seemed a little disingenuous.


They sent it on time. It was the only part of the entire process that was not overly difficult or overly complicated. I was glad when the whole thing was over and done with.

The Work I Got

I asked for a rewrite and I got a rewrite. It passed plagiarism checks, but it contained mostly the same information. The sad part is that the writer had no prior knowledge of the subject, which means some things were left out of the rewrite. Plus, the writer didn’t add his or her own knowledge about the subject and it was just an exercise in rewording. I suppose I shouldn’t complain when I consider the price, but it was a little disappointing.