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  • Prices
  • Discounts


  • Poor quality
  • Complex ordering process
  • Incompetent writers

General Impression

Getting your essay done by a writing service is often challenging. It is especially worse when you’re just beginning the process of identifying a credible, reliable, and legitimate assignment help service to use.

Questions start to rise on whether they even deliver quality assignments in the first place, or whether or not they keep your data safe. Then you will also start to wonder how much they charge for their services.

I have taken the time to analyze this paper writing service through my review. By the end of it, you will know whether or not to trust it with your assignments.

After all, there are so many scam sites out there, which I would want to destroy through my reviews. Luckily, is not a scam site. Only that it has a few weaknesses, which I will share with you in this review.

Before I move on with this review, you can get the best research paper writing services list to choose from and collaborate with true professionals.

Prices and Discounts

I sought to analyze what the pricing chart of looked like. The price-quality is pretty okay for an average essay help service. I believe that they could improve on their quality though, but am still yet to get to that. For now, let me share my thoughts on the price and discounts first.

Their pricing is quite affordable for most students I would say. They don’t have exaggerated prices like some of the other average assignment help services that I have seen in my recent reviews.

When it comes to the discount, the writing company offers you a 15% discount as a newbie to the site. This helps students who can’t afford assignment assistance to get a fair bargain. And true to their words, I did get the 15% discount when I opened an account with and placed an order. Even after the 15% discount as a newcomer to the site, you can still get other discounts as you order bulk work.

I am pushed to believe that the reason many students prefer using this site is because of their affordable pricing and plenty discounts.

Ordering Process

How easy and straightforward is the ordering process at Unfortunately, I didn’t appreciate how complicated the ordering process was at essay. First of all, they have a poor website user interface that has everything scattered. You can’t easily find what you’re looking for through their website.

They require lots of information from you just to open an account. Something that you can do easily in a few minutes through other similar services. It ends up eating up your time. Mostly what takes most of the time includes the requirements they have set out for clients to fill.

I believe that they can improve on their ordering process to accommodate rush orders and clients with no patience like me.

Communication with Writer

Communication is crucial to a good working relationship. I didn’t fancy the kind of communication I had with my writer. First off, he sounded like a non-native speaker. And this made me question their ability to deliver good quality content.

My writer was slow in response, and could take hours before responding to the questions that I put across to him. I’m not sure if the difference in time zones was the reason for this. Nonetheless, I didn’t like it.

When I raised this issue with the customer service team, they seemed uninterested in my plea and claimed that it was being worked on. Then they kept me in the dark and didn’t respond to any further queries that I had. I’ll get to the quality of the writing later on in the text.

Pros and Cons

There are so many things I noted during my assessment. They made me settle for the following pros and cons.



✅ It is affordable.❌ Poor communication and public relations.
✅ Good offers and discounts.❌ Incompetent writers and customer service.
❌ Complex ordering process and user interface.

Online Reviews

I also took some time to check reviews online in a bid to see whether they have a good online reputation. A good online presence and reputation is the best ingredient for better customer acquisition. And I tend to think that knew this very well.

I was shocked to find out that the company had a pretty good online standing, with so many positive reviews. For sure, I question the validity of these reviews bearing in mind that they may have doctored and fabricated fake reviews to self-pump their service. The chances of this being true, however, is a subject for another discussion.

Nonetheless, since my experience was far from perfect, I will continue to point fingers towards them for poor services.

Most of the reviews showed clients praising the company for fair prices, good quality assignments, and a proper customer service. But there was still a section of them complaining about the influx of non-native writers and a poor website format.

The Work I Got

My instincts are always right. And when I felt like the writer assigned to me would screw up my work, it really did happen. I made an order for a 10-page essay, which was fairly priced. But the result was disappointing. The content was off-topic and had a myriad of spelling and grammatical mistakes. Yes, they agreed to make changes to it, but I wasn’t expecting that kind of work from a reputable firm like this one. At least judging from the good online reputation.

So, is reliable? My direct answer is a no. I don’t have complete faith that this is a writing service you can count on with your assignments. Even if the reviews online say the opposite, I stick to my statement. For me, I would only award them a 3-star rating.