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I’ll wrap up my Bid4Papers review with a warning: be careful with this service. It’s not what it promises to be. You may get lucky with the writer you hire. I just think it’s an expensive risk to take.

What Is Bid4Papers?

Let me tell you something about bidding writing services: I was amazed by the concept at first. When I realized that most of them were pure evil, I became appalled by the concept. is yet another bidding service. This is how it works: you place the order and you hire your own writer. You approach from the “client” perspective and you have to interview several writers before you find the right one. The concept sounds perfect in theory.

The problem is that most bidding services work like freelancing platforms. 

What’s wrong with that? – You’re not hiring experts.

I’ll admit: I judged Bid4Papers before ordering a paper there. So I did my best to remain level-headed and try the service anyway. Read on; I have a detailed Bid4Papers review for you.

How Much Does It Cost?

There’s no fixed price.

If you’ve ever used or seen a freelancing platform, you’ll see that Bid4Papers works on the same principles.

I’m all about empowering writers and other freelancers to earn as much as they think their work is worth. However, I got the impression that the Bid4Paper writers overestimated themselves. I requested a simple essay of two pages, with a deadline of 10 days. The lowest bid was $50. That’s $25 per page. It’s a higher price when compared to some of the best services I’ve tested.

The difference is that with those services, I work with experts and I don’t waste time interviewing writers. Here, the lowest bidder had no information about a degree on his profile. The one with a relevant degree asked for $65.  

Is Bid4 Papers Legit?

It’s legit; I’ll say that much about it. hands out the responsibility to you; the customer. If you hire the wrong writer, they won’t do much about it. You’re the one to blame.

My writer delivered the work on time. It was flawed, to say the least. The experience was just like any other I’ve had with a bidding or freelancing service. I was left to sort things out with the writer. He was responsive, but I doubt that all writers who work for Bid4Papers will have the same level of patience. 


You can set any deadline you want in the order form. Bid 4 paper doesn’t limit you in that aspect. Just to test the service, I placed an order for a research paper of 20 pages and I set a deadline of six hours. Writers were still bidding on it. There’s no realistic chance to complete this volume of work in such a short time.

Of course; I didn’t hire a writer for that order. I canceled it.

Then I placed a more reasonable order: a 2-page essay with a deadline of 10 days. I spent two days interviewing writers, so my writer got 8 days to write the paper. This is another flaw of the service: you have to spend a lot of time communicating with different bidders. If you rush the process, you’ll end up with the wrong writer.

The Work I Got

I asked for a graduate-level essay that would discuss the global warming issue from a current point of view. The writer rewrote the most general parts of the Wikipedia page on global warming. He didn’t get into specifics. doesn’t guarantee you revisions. The writers say they will revise the content if you don’t like it. At least that’s the promise I got when I interviewed this particular writer. I asked for revisions, but he didn’t provide them. He said that my instructions were vague, so he wrote a vague paper as a result.

That’s a direct lie, in my face! In the instructions, I asked the writer to connect the issue with the fires that hit our planet in 2019. None of that was mentioned in the text.