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General Impression

I found the website to be a bit outdated to the point where it looked like it was cobbled together from an old 2006 template. Plus, the “Price Calculator” title had bled the words together. The text was too small, so I had to zoom in when I was trying to make the order, or when I was looking into how to pay. I found that the writing service could have updated their information. They hadn’t even updated their copyright notification from 2014. Who knows when this website was updated last.

Services Provided

The website doesn’t offer a varied range of writing services. For example, it has a link to article writing, but I didn’t find it. The quality with some of the blog posts I ordered looked rushed and I had to keep sending them back with extra notes of things to be added. It sounded at times, when I phoned, like the writing service was a bit busy and didn’t have enough writers for the orders that were being made. When I was asking about my blog posts, all they would say was that they would be in touch and then they would leave me to contact the writer myself. I really think they need to be a little bit more organized when picking writers for their customers.


I picked the “Arts” category when I made my order, and then I gave my instructions for the blog posts I wanted writing. I picked their lowest quality level because I didn’t want to pay too much. I ordered a total of 36 pages and they charged me $541.02 after their discounts were applied.

Discounts and Free Features

Their discount system is a mystery to me. On the pricing tool you get your quote, and then they say that they are applying a discount and then give you the cost after your discount. For all I know, they create a random number to start with and then give you a price and call it a discounted price. They need to be clearer about their discounts.

Ordering Process

I ordered 36 pages worth of blog posts on what to look for when looking after a Degu for my blog. I could tell that the writer had used my notes quite a bit. The order was alright, but I found the ordering process to be slow because of how their systems run. Also, I didn’t like that you had to sign up with them without giving you the option of making a one-time order. They had me give them a bunch of my details before I had even decided if I wanted to see the order through.

Communication with Writer

I found that the writer may have been a bit puzzled with the task I set, as the writer kept asking for more notes to use. But in all, when I did need anything changed, the writer would only take 3 hours to reply which is better than a lot of writing services I have used.


As my blog posts were due to be uploaded over the weekend I set my deadline to be sent back to me on the Thursday. The writer got it back to me just in time by email. It did need it changing a little, but I made the little changes myself.

The Work I Got

The blog posts I received were not as good as I would have wanted them to be. I think because I set the writer a task to write about an animal that most people have never heard of…I may have made it difficult for the writer to find research material. I could see that the writer did work hard on the blog and I think that is why I will use the writing service again one day. However, I will only use them smaller subjects in the future as they are a bit too expensive for me to use all the ti