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General Impression

I didn’t find all that intriguing. It looked cheap and it was mostly made up of silly blurbs and tag lines. I found it had to many paragraphs of text did not need to be there, and the way they laid out the information on the site made it difficult to read. They say on the website that there are 133 writers in total online and that they have 967 amazing writers, but there is no way to confirm this and I have no reason to believe what they have written.

Services Provided

There were 4 ways to contact the eliteessaywriters support team, either though phoning, emailing the customer service team, speaking to the online chat team or emailing the feedback manager. I tried emailing them, but I never heard back from them. When phoning, I found it was difficult to get through as the line was always busy. Instead of asking the customer service department for a list of their services, I dug around and found that they write essays, research papers, and that they edit and proofread work for students.


They charged me $504 for my essay of 16 pages. I cannot say what their top and bottom prices are because I was never given chance to see them. I made my order via the sign-up portal because the prices page had nothing on it and the order form wouldn’t load. Once I had an account, I logged in and I was given a specific quote for my work. I had the essay written with a deadline of three days.

Discounts and Free Features

They offer a lifetime discount where you get 15% off whenever you use your account. You need to enter the code 15OFFJUST4U. There are quite a few things that are insincere about most of that offer, with the weirdest being that they are marketing their prices as discounted, when they are artificially discounted at best. It is like telling somebody your prices and then claiming your usual prices are double that amount.

Ordering Process

When trying to make the order I found it quite hard to understand their system, so I contacted the online support team and when I was going through the process, they gave me step by step instructions which were simple to follow. Sadly, the customer service department couldn’t explain why the order form wouldn’t load on any of the web browsers that I tried. I found that the website ran slowly at times, but my web browsers didn’t show it as infected, so it must be a server problem at their end.

Communication with Writer

The writer responded to all my emails, but it did take longer that what I would have liked. I emailed the night before and I needed a response around 3pm the next day, but I didn’t get it in time. My professor wanted to know the topic I had chosen, but I didn’t know because I left the choosing to my writer.


The deadline I set was for three days and I received it in three days. I had to make quite a few changes because I told my professor that the topic was different to the one that the writer chose.

The Work I Got

The work I got from the writer was brilliant. Even though the work was brilliant, and I could see the writer put in a lot of work, I still had to change a lot of it because my writer took too long to contact me. Best essay writing services need to learn how to keep in touch with their students because professors are becoming sneakier about catching students out. It was four days into my project deadline where my professor asked me about the topic I had chosen, and I needed to know which topic my writer chose, and I could have found out if he had responded quickly enough.