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  • Affordable prices
  • Discounts
  • Friendly support


  • Complex ordering process
  • Poor quality
  • Untrustworthy refund terms and conditions

General Impression

There’s nothing particular that stands out when you visit To me, it even looked like a clone of several other sites I’ve reviewed in the past. From the homepage, you get a lot of promises from the company. For instance, they claim that they have the best writers, affordable prices, and zero plagiarism with every paper that they write.

I wouldn’t say that all of their promises are fake, but a ton of them aren’t true anyway. I will show you how is anything but a professional service through this review. Therefore, read to the end and make your judgement about this writing service too.

Prices and Discounts

In terms of claiming that they offer affordable prices, I have to give it to them – it’s no lie. They are among the most affordable assignment help services that I’ve encountered. College-level papers start from as low as $10 per page, which is pretty affordable to many students.

Nonetheless, please have in mind that there’s a myriad of factors that would influence the final tally of costs. Some of these factors include the number of pages your assignment has, the topic difficulty, urgency of the paper, and the academic level.

You can save money on your assignment request by either reducing the number of pages or extending the urgency/deadline. I also have to give it to them for the add-ons they include for free. Such include a reference page, formatting, title page, outline, and the plagiarism report. I know that you might think that these are pretty standard features. However, in my experience, not all assignment help services deliver these extra features – at least not for free.

In regards to the discount, yes, I noted that they do offer it. And it’s pretty interesting. Here’s how it works: the more pages your assignment has, the higher the discount you get. My essay order of 4 pages landed me a 15% reduction on the final amount, which became $40 instead of $48. Pretty decent, huh?

So, the Paperwriter discount would be a good pick for students looking to offload huge loads of assignments but don’t know how to do it affordably.

Ordering Process

Like I had hinted earlier, I made an essay order of 4 pages. I wouldn’t want to say that my experience was pleasant at all. In my list of best essay writing services, Paperwriter isn’t one because of the complex user interface and other reasons I will share briefly.

The ordering process is a nightmare. Due to their poor website arrangement and user interface, it took me a long time just to get my way around the site. By the time I had managed to place an order, I was a few seconds from giving up. I’m just trying to imagine if it were an impatient student.

You can lose plenty of customers just by making the ordering process complicated and lacking a simple user interface. They just lost me as a customer because of that.

Communication with Writer

When you have an urgent paper that has to be delivered on time, it is particularly crucial that you keep tabs with your writer. Communication, therefore, is an essential part of the process.

Through my review, I must admit that my communication with their writer, assigned to my essay, was pretty smooth. I was able to reach him all the time I wanted to. In fact, he was pretty friendly and accommodative – even to my ‘silly’ questions. He took my rubrics and promised to deliver a quality piece at the end of our cooperation.

I can’t say that this is the same experience for everybody else, but for me, it was pretty okay. Aside from the writer being courteous, the answers that he gave were accurate and pleasing to me. It went to show that I could count on him for accurate work – but would I really?

It seemed like all he was doing was maintaining a good rapport but still failed to deliver as I wanted. The quality wasn’t that good, as it had several grammatical mistakes. Even though the customer service promised to assign the task to another writer, I was just shocked at how one of their own would deliver such questionable content to clients.

Pros and Cons

Based on my review, I found things that I liked about the company and things that were downright awful.

✅ Really low and affordable prices❌ Complex user interface and ordering process
✅ A good discount❌ Poor quality of writings
✅ Friendly staff❌ Few reliable reviews online
❌ Untrustworthy refund terms and conditions

Online Reviews

A good company, especially in the service industry, should have a reputable online reputation. So, in my Paperwriter review, I sought to get what other clients think of the service.

First off, I didn’t get many Paperwriter reviews. I even had to dig past the second page of Google in an attempt to check sites with reviews about this service – but to no avail. The little Paperwriter reviews that I got weren’t so positive and encouraging. Most of them talked about delays, poor writing, and even no refunds. I immediately put things together and saw that it wasn’t only me complaining.

The Work I Got

I guess you already know, based on my Paperwriter review, that my experience wasn’t good at all. You might be forgiven to think that my final outcome turned out different. Well, it wasn’t good at all. I didn’t appreciate the fact that my work had some worrying grammatical mistakes. It made me even wonder if the writer was a native English speaker.

Even though the customer service came to my aid and gave me another writer to make right the wrongs, I wasn’t overly satisfied. Most of the Paperwriter reviews also showed dissatisfaction with the service.

It is because of my experience that I join these online Paperwriter reviews in awarding the company a 3 star rating!