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General Impression

The fact that the website is loaded with logos and spammy guarantee shields suggested to me that this is either a spam website or that it was created by an amateur. Considering that the design style looks like it was born in the year 2009, one has to assume that an amateur created the website. Still, I thought I would give them a go, but I was not impressed by their website or by the obviously fake testimonials.

Services Provided

There are five quality levels and twelve essay categories. They also give you a list of essay subjects, but it seems redundant since you are probably going to click one to find out the top twelve categories rather than find your specific subject. They give you 275 words per page, and they have deadlines that run as long as 15 days. Their highest prices run to around $65 per page, which is higher than the average essay writing service.


They are stupidly expensive. Even if you order their very cheapest pages, it will cost you $16. You may think that $16 is not a bad price for a page, but that is what they are charging for high school quality work, and for that page you will have to wait fifteen or more days. That is a very high price for something you are not going to get for two weeks, and for something that a high school student wrote.

Discounts and Free Features

You may get 5% off your first order if you use the discount code, “FIRSTESSAYS” and you get a cover page and your bibliography for free. They also claim that they only use native English people, so I suppose they mean their writers are a heady mix of Celtic Britons (or Brythons), Germanic tribes, Romans, Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Frisians. Luckily, the “native” writers wrote in UK English rather than their native “Angelcynn.”

Ordering Process

The ordering process was easy enough because they had most of the order form on the home page. You enter your details into the calculator, and then run through to the order form where you make your order. They did try to add in a series of upsells, and filling out the form did take time, but it was what I expected from a writing services.

Communication with Writer

I only asked about my essay one time, and I was told it was underway. It wasn’t exactly the stunnily complex progress review that I had hoped for, but I guess the writer had not started my essay when I asked about it. There was not a function that offered progress reports, so I didn’t expect regular reports about how to writer was doing.


The paper was written to the deadline in terms of what day it was delivered, but they gave no indication of what time the paper would be delivered. It was about 7pm when the paper was delivered, so it was a good thing that I didn’t need to hand it in that day.

The Work I Got

I was happy with it. I only wanted a piece of work that would get me a pass, and that is what I got. My professor offered a bunch of suggestions for things I should add to it, but it was quicker to add the extra bits myself. I didn’t want to contact the for amendments and find out that they were going to charge me because I wanted new stuff adding. In future, if I order again, I think I will be more specific. This is especially true if the project I am working on requires images because I had a hard time finding suitable images to add to the project.