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Online Reputation



  • Smooth customer service
  • Easy ordering process


  • Delays in delivery
  • Lack of professional writers
  • Pricey

General Impression

My first impression of this assignment writing company made me ask myself, “Is legit?” Well, they’ve been around for close to a decade now, and many students have used their services. But the reviews I saw online painted a negative picture of what the company really is. Nonetheless, I’ll get to this later.

They claim on their website that they offer writing assistance to various academic levels, which again is subject to criticism because of their quality of papers. Most paper writing companies fail to meet the needs of their clientele. Is an exception?

Prices and Discounts

Students mostly depend on parents or their side hustles to pay for assignments online. Therefore, you wouldn’t expect them to have a fat wallet to cough huge sums of money. This is why most academic services charge their offerings fairly – so that every student can get a chance to use their solutions.

I would like to categorically point out that their pricing is a little over the ceiling of typical assignment help services. And all this for what? Because I can’t really say that they delivered sufficient levels of quality to guarantee their pricing system. In fact, most other assignment writing services offer even higher quality work for a fraction of the fees charged here. For instance, here’s the most affordable and best essay writing service I found during my research. charges $19.01 per page, which to me is a bit of a stretch – even when quality is part of the equation. Note that this isn’t always the final price, as you can expect to part with more money if your task is more complex or has a close deadline. In the end, you might even have to foot double the bill you would have from another decent assignment writing company. For me – overrated and overpriced.

I can’t say that it is the most expensive essay writing company, but they aren’t affordable either. If you really have to use this service, I would advise against setting a stringent deadline, as it would cost you a lot for nothing really. Instead, use their 14-day timeline and get some cost-savings.

I didn’t see any reasonable discounts that can help you save money while using their services. So, that again is a negative from their end.

Ordering Process

This is the stage many assignment writing companies, and indeed many other businesses, lose clients. If the ordering process is complicated, no matter what you offer, clients will always opt for someone else.

As a new user, I had to first register and create an account on the website before accessing their services. You need to avail your personal information, which they say is kept safe from any data attacks. Thus far, it was a simple process.

Afterwards, you will proceed to the ordering page. I was happy to see that this stage wasn’t as complicated as I had anticipated. In fact, it only had one stage. Here, I keyed in the details about my dissertation order.

Some of the things that you’ll need to mention when placing an order include the type of paper, academic level, discipline, paper details, title, deadline, pages needed, sources that you would want as references, charts, and any other additional information about the assignment.

After filling in all of this information, you will be redirected to the page where you make your payment. Here, I selected the most convenient option to pay with, and then moved to the next step where I waited for the submission.

So, for the ordering process, I have to give it to them. They have a simple and straightforward user interface that will help you complete the placement of your order within a few minutes.

Communication with Writer

I had a smooth communication with the writer handling my dissertation. Right from the time the customer service team connected me to her, I can’t really complain much in this review.

The only place the rain started beating them is when they delayed my dissertation. I tried contacting the writer and all she gave were excuses. Then the customer service came in and promised to address the issue. It was only after 48 hours past the deadline that I got a response and my dissertation was delivered.

So, is buyessay reliable? Even though it had no errors, I can’t really approve of the delay without any relevant explanation from the writer. Hence, I can’t say it is reliable. Maybe my experience was bad but others loved theirs – well, I’ll get to that shortly.

Pros and Cons

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages that I noted during my review:



✅ Smooth customer service.❌ Pricey.
✅Easy ordering process and user interface.❌ Delays in delivery.
❌ Lack of professional writers.

Online Reviews

So, I went to confirm if I was the only person who had a partially bad encounter with this service. I checked out some of the other reviews online and noted one thing. They were all consistent with faults of pricing and quality of writers. It seems like many other people also agreed to the fact that this company doesn’t really prioritize its customers. Instead, it opts to prioritize high prices over general quality.

I want to pay a premium for a premium service and not a basic service. I think they should understand that.

The Work I Got

I end my review by sharing the result of the dissertation I ordered. It was of good quality but I wasn’t pleased with the delay in submission. Maybe there was a valid reason for it, but it seems to me like this is their norm. Based on my review and other reviews I’ve read online, I can only give them a 3-star rating. I believe that they still have a lot to improve on.