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General Impression

My first impression was a good one because the website kept things short and sweet. They put all the relevant information on one page and it all made a lot of sense. The home page is a little cramped, but it is no big deal. The testimonials seemed like a waste of space, but otherwise the website was easy to understand and very clear.

Services Provided

They have five quality levels, and they claim they will write any type of essay that you have in mind. They say that they have 380 qualified writers and that if you have an essay you need doing, then they have a writer on hand who is qualified enough to complete it for you. The company offers a few freebies, but they are nothing special when compared with other websites. It is a weird website that gives you an estimate for your service, but still has to run it by their writers before allowing you to make your order.


The prices start at $7.50 per page, but it really depends upon which writers are willing to take your project on. They start you at the lowest price if you want high school standard work, and then it is a case of waiting for a writers to accept your project. If you want a higher standard of work, then the prices range from between $7.50 per page to $83.00 per page. All of these prices may be found on their home page via the quote calculator function.

Discounts and Free Features

This writing company doesn’t offer discounts. The reason is because their prices are already pretty low, plus the way they use their writers means that it may be difficult to apply fair discounts across the board. The freebies you get are exactly what you may expect from an essay writing service. For example, you get free revisions, free bibliography, free formatting and a free title page.

Ordering Process

I like the price calculator because it is a little less confusing than the grid system that I am used to. Plus, some people have a hard time figuring out the grid system, but the slider system on this price calculator seems to be straight forward enough. Enter all your details and it gives you a price calculation, which is then picked up by a writer. There is a chance that you will not find a writer for your project, and there is a chance that the estimate you get today will be different in a week or a month.

Communication with Writer

I am pretty sure that the answers the writer was giving me were stock responses. Maybe the writer has a lot of communication with clients, or maybe I was talking to the customer service department. I am not sure, but it didn’t affect my overall experience with the company, so I was happy enough.


I received the work shortly after the deadline, but it was a bit confusing. I made the order, but it wasn’t accepted until the day after, and that is the day they say the deadline started. This means it is possible to make a short-deadline order and have the order be delivered later than what you expect.

The Work I Got

I didn’t pick the $7.50 per page option, I needed better quality, so I picked a $21 per page option, and the work was mediocre. I think that $21 per page is rather expensive, but they treated it like it was a less-than-pressing issue. I feel like I need to have a lot of money in order to get a good service with this essay writing company. I probably won’t use them again.