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Killerpapers Review








What is Killerpapers? is a paper writing service, one that offers to help out with assignments within your selected deadline. I came across their website thanks to an ad on social media, and the design kept me intrigued. This was a good starting point of my Killer papers review, but the rest was far less impressive. The website looks professional and is highly responsive in terms of navigation, but it lacks some of the most important data, including prices and a full service list. So, let’s skip to the point. In my Killer papers review, you’ll be learning the details of my experience and research.

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How much does killer papers cost?

This is the part that caused me a lot of troubles. To my surprise, decided to keep this crucial information hidden from the website visitors. It takes a while to get your hands onto their pricing, and you won’t even get a full list, either. The Killer papers price is determined based on what you need and when you need it, and you have to wait for them to review every order request before they tell you about the cost.

Ordering process

Killerpapers is not cheap. I realized this almost an hour after I sent in my request, so it’s safe to say that they are very slow. When they tell you about the price, they’ll guide you through the order process. It goes much easier from this point forward if you like the quote they offer. In my case, the quote was over $20 for a single page and the deadline wasn’t even tight. I still decided to proceed to be able to write this review.

Is Killer papers legit?

I’m having my doubts about answering this question. Killerpapers is legit in one sense, and scam in another. They do deliver a service when you pay them, and their system seems to be confidential. Even so, the quality is devastating, so I don’t see how you can benefit from ordering there.


The deadlines are extremely limited. Most companies I have reviewed have at least long deadlines, if not very tight deadlines to help you at times of need. This service has only four deadline options – 24 hours, 2 days, 3 to 4 days, or 5 days. This leaves you with a very limited choice and prices that can’t go lower than $20 for a page, which is disappointing at the least.

The work I got

There are many flaws I found in my research, but I still hoped that the quality will be impressive and everything will be irrelevant. The pricing would be acceptable if they added some discount and delivered good quality of content. But, all my hopes had failed as soon as I read the paper. It was of very bad quality, written by someone with bad English and writing skills, and came at a big cost.

When I approached them angry because of the results, no one dared to provide me with an answer. This also means that, in case something is wrong or you need assistance after you order, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the product.

Final Review

My final verdict about this particular writing service is negative. The unresponsive support management was the final straw in my continuous dissatisfaction with what this company offers. The website of killerpapers is well-designed, but it lacks the most important data – the pricing. They have limited deadlines, high rates, and definitely bad writers. This is why I’m forced to give this service one of the lowest ratings on my website.