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What Is is a bidding writing service, which lets you choose your writer and collaborate with them. It’s not the most reliable service of this type. In general, I don’t like bidding services because they don’t connect you with true experts.

I got a few requests for reviews, so I decided to place an order and see how it goes.

First of all, let me tell you about the website: it’s way too busy for my taste. It’s tacky, cheap, and not user-friendly. Let’s discuss the details.

Prices and Discounts

You never get fixed prices with bidding services. That’s the problem. You assume that you can get a cheaper price, since there’s competition between the writers. But if you hire the cheapest writer, you may be making a huge mistake. You should never hire a writer based on the price. You need to consider their reputation and qualifications instead.

For an essay of 3 pages with a deadline of 5 days, $100 was the lowest bid that I got. That’s over $33 per page, which is way more expensive than what I’m used to paying. The writer that I hired gave me a price of $145. doesn’t give you any discounts. If you like the price, you can proceed with your order.

Is Essaywriter Legit?

There are issues with the credibility of Essaywriter. The writers have profiles with names and headshots. You already know the trick: “search Google for this image.” I did that, and I realized that the profiles may be fake.

Let me explain. There’s a writer called Adam Shady, PhD. There’s a fake Facebook profile under their name. No photos, no friends, nothing. When I searched Google, nobody with a PhD degree under that name appeared. When I checked the photo, I noticed that the same one was used by a person under another name.

Shady, indeed. 

Ordering Process

First, you will fill in a brief order form. Feel free to be as detailed or as scarce as you want with your instructions.

The second step is important: you’ll be getting offers from the company’s writers. They will suggest different prices. I strongly recommend you to check their profiles and use Google to research them. Since their names are available, you might as well see if it’s a fake profile. I already described a problematic profile. You should know that most of the others are similar.

When you’re sure that you want to hire a writer from, you’ll discuss the details of your order, and they will start working on it. The company allows you to contact the writer all the time. The only question is: will they answer? My writer was completely unresponsive.


Essaywriter lets you order any type of paper under any deadline. It’s a bidding service, so it’s very flexible with its offer. You can order an entire PhD dissertation with a deadline of 24 hours. No problem about the order, but you’ll have to wait and see if there are any bids on it.

I still recommend you to place reasonable deadlines. If there’s no realistic possibility for someone to complete the work under a really short deadline, don’t place the order. You won’t get the paper, or you’ll get plagiarized content.

The Work I Got

The results with Essaywriter are based on luck. The profiles of these writers aren’t 100% truthful. I hired a “Top” writer, who said they had a degree in the required niche. By the way, you can’t see the detailed profiles of the writers. You don’t know what degree they have. It only says “PhD” and it doesn’t get any shadier than that.

As expected, I got a lousy essay from this service. Yes; my writer met the deadline. But if you read other reviews, you’ll see that many customers aren’t that lucky. I was lucky in that part, but what about the quality?

Imagine a high-school student with average writing skills writing an essay on data science. Yeah; it was that bad. 

Final Verdict

Let me put it this way: it’s not the best service you can hire.

I’d suggest searching for a more affordable, more reliable essay writing service.