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General Impression
Even though the homepage content says ‘any paper or assignment’, the lists consists of only a few academic papers. Still, this did not stop me from purchasing from, especially since they made some interesting promises and offer an inviting the first-order discount.
Read on to find out what I learned about this service.

Services Provided
As I said, the company promises to offer any paper you need, but their list is actually very limited. In addition to this, they do not have a Services page, which means that you cannot take a look at the complete list unless you check the small box on the homepage.

This does not necessarily have to mean that the company is a bad choice of a regular provider. Sure, you will have to look for the missing papers elsewhere, but this may also mean that the company knows the expertise and abilities of their own writers and wants to ensure quality.

When you see the starting price of only $14.03, you get the impression that this is a cheap company. But, look again – this price applies to a deadline of 20 days and there are rarely papers assigned within such a long timeframe. Papers within the regular timeframe, let’s say 7 days come at an incredibly high price when compared to other companies. For example, an essay for High School essay would cost $16.23 per page for this deadline!
Basically, this company’s pricing is much higher than I expected. Let’s see if they have discounts that reduce these steep prices.

Discounts and Free Features
No discounts? Aside from the small 15% discount for fist-order, the company does nothing to attract customers into purchasing their papers from this service. This came as a surprise to me since most companies offer lifelong discounts to returning customers.
Unfortunately, samedayessay remains an expensive writing service.

Ordering Process
The ordering process here was very simple. It took me only a few minutes to order my paper, after which I was immediately contacted by the customer service with a confirmation.

Communication with Writer
I did not communicate with the writer while waiting for my paper, since this is not an option with samedayessay. However, the customer service agents are always available and ready to answer your questions, so you can call them about the progress of your paper.

Not only the prices here are high, but the company’s guarantees are very bad. The writer missed my deadline by more than 12 hours, which is unacceptable for a custom writing service. How do they expect customers to entrust them with their papers if they fail to meet their deadlines?
I say their guarantees are bad because when I asked for a refund, the agent only offered a revision. Why would I need a revision if I have missed a deadline?

The Work I Got
If the writer delivered the paper in time, I wouldn’t need a revision. It was still an expensive paper, but written in good quality. However, this remains a service that most students cannot afford. And even if they do, the risk of getting your paper late is big.

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