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General Impression

The impression I received from bestessay4u service was that they are quite a reasonable writing service. However, I noticed that their web page looked a little boring and did not have much style or color to brighten it up. When I was looking at the prices, I found them to be a little more expensive than I would have liked to pay. I thought I would still give them a go to see what some of my friends were talking about when they spoke of

Services Provided

The was a bit disappointing considering how many of my friends have used them in the past. I found it was difficult to get in touch with my writer, and when I phoned the customer service department, it took 30 minutes to get though. The people were impatient on the phone to me and my writer was always coming up with any excuse as to why I couldn’t see the work. When I asked to get the introduction to the work that the writer was writing, it looked like it was written by a high school student and not a person who has a degree.


Be careful when you order because they automatically tick the top writer box that adds $80+ onto the price of your order. I ordered 16 pages, which came to 4400 words. I had a 7-day deadline and the price came to $377.27. They also auto-ticked the SMS updates box too, so I accidentally paid their $3.99 charge when I didn’t want to.

Discounts and Free Features

They say you get 10% in bonus money when you make your order. I think they meant that you get a 10% discount. However, you have to order a lot of pages to qualify for the discount. There are promo codes, but I don’t know where you get them.

Ordering Process

The ordering process was too slow for my liking. The system would freeze when I put my bank details into it and I was worried I would be paying for the paper twice. I did not feel very safe when using for my equine research paper, and I didn’t feel safe with them having my bank details on their system. In the end I used a bank account I only used once to transfer money over so if it was a scam they wouldn’t be able to get any more money out of me. I was a bit unhappy that I didn’t get the discount code that I was advised I would get as I was a new customer.

Communication with Writer

When I did finally get my paper back after the 4th time asking if I could check it, I noticed it was okay, but as I paid for more than just okay, I asked the writer to make changes and sent the paper back. When I asked to see the paper again, I could see the writer has ignored the advice I had given and was still doing his own thing.


As I set the deadline for 7 days to give the writer enough time to compete it in, I found it quite annoying when the writer gave me the paper back at the end of the 7th day. They could have been a little clearer. I hoped to receive it before 5pm on the 7th day.

The Work I Got

The work I got for this wasn’t the best, I could see it was rushed and lacked in information that I felt needed to be in it, so I had to send it back for the writer to change. The writer was almost rude and ignored the notes I had provided. I think If I have to use them again I will refuse to use this writer and will demand another one.