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General Impression

The website is one of a very small minority of websites that has you figure out your own price estimate, which was weird and a little bit off-putting. The website is user-unfriendly in many ways, especially when you consider that most of it is written for the search engines and not for users. There is quite a bit on the website that is there just for the search engines. For example, it says, “Do my assignment” just randomly in weird places. There are search engine friendly links, and plenty of filler text that is useful to the search engines but not for the website users.

Services Provided will write your essays for you, they will edit your work, they will answer multiple-choice exams, and they will problem solve. By problem solve, they mean they will work on simple math problems that you may have been assigned by college. They claim they will write any essay type on any topic, but if they cannot find a writer for your project, then they will reject it and refund your money within two days. If you are unlucky, they will assign your project to a poor-quality writer who will have a try at your essay, but who will ultimately fail (if you are unlucky).


There is a price list set out in a table on the website. It doesn’t calculate your price for you. It makes you work it out yourself by giving you the page prices and then giving you deadlines that match with each page price. What is worse is that their USD prices always stay the same, but they set their prices as per USD, which means the cost of your project could change from one price to another if you are buying with a currency other than USD. Prices start at around $16 per page.

Discounts and Free Features

It says that you get a 5% or a 10% discount, but this is not a lifetime discount. You only get the discounts if you make large orders, and you only get the discount once. For example, if you order an essay worth $500, then you get 5% knocked off your order. If you order an essay worth $1000, then they knock 10% off that price.

Ordering Process

It is a little infuriating because their website is not poorly designed, but it is not built to be user friendly. Enter your details into the order form, and the second section will work out your price, which means your previous calculations on the prices page were pointless. Plus, as mentioned earlier, your price may change from day-to-day if you are not buying in US dollars. The less said about the ordering process, the better…it is bad when it could have so easily been better.

Communication with Writer

They never offered any sort of contact with the writer and I never asked. I became so exasperated with the company that I gave up on engaging with it. After my order was submitted, and after I had received the three emails they decided to send me, and after receiving the emails that double-confirmed they were writing my essay (because the writer had received my project), I was so tired of the company that I just waited until they sent my essay. I had no further contact with them.


The writer sent my essay by the deadline. It wasn’t difficult because I requested the longest deadline. The price calculator says that you can get a price as low as $11, but it will not allow you to set the order that low. It doesn’t allow you to continue with your order if you leave it at $11 per page.

The Work I Got

I am glad I didn’t order the plagiarism report because I have seen their plagiarism reports. They are just emails that say there is no plagiarism, and they wanted $9.99 for that email. The work I got was fine. I won’t be using the service again, but their work was okay enough for me to submit to college as my own.