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General Impression

The website is a very dull website with lackluster font colors and images that did not amaze me. Why put white writing on blue graphics? It is already hard enough to read without them making it worse. I have seen other essay writing services bring their website to life in a way that hypnotizes the customers into being interested, but this service’s did not have a hypnotic effect on me. has let down their writers by failing the terms of the marketing efforts. People are going to judge a writing service by its website, and this website is “meh.”

Services Provider

It was difficult to find any sort of contact information, and when you did get through, the line was always busy or would go straight to voice mail. The only delivers 7 types of academic assignments, but they do cover a fair number of topics and academic areas. It seems that the haven’t got the staff they need to keep their customers as they only offer a slim variety of papers at any one time.


Their prices start at $12.99 per page, and they do not auto-tick the upsells as some other essay writing services do. The lowest price is for high school quality work, and that is with a deadline of 11 days. If you want your work quicker and for a higher quality, then their prices run as high as $49.99 per page for Ph.D quality work with a 12-hour deadline.

Discounts and Free Features

The discounts are confusing. They say that you get a 15% discount for your first order, but they ask for a code for it. There are lots of up-sells, but none of them come for free. You can use their VIP services package and they knock some money off that, but it is confusing as to how much they are knocking off your total order.

Ordering Process

Thankfully, the ordering part of the system was all up to date. It was easy to use, and the system seemed to work. I did have to contact the support team for me as it didn’t say if I could pay by credit card in another person’s name. They advised me I could pay with somebody else’s credit card. The only thing that I was a bit surprised about was they didn’t offer any discount for joining them, even though it says I should get a 15% discount for my first order.

Communication with Writer

Communicating with the writer didn’t happen at all. When I did get in touch with the writing service, they did not have anything to say about the writer or how I should contact the writer. I felt they really didn’t care about their customers and were just interested in the money, which was made more evident by how often they mentioned the many up-sells their service has. Things such as getting the same writer as last time, VIP support, editing services, and things like that. They wouldn’t shut up about them.


The deadline was met so I didn’t have to deal with customer service team regarding timing. I didn’t have to call to find out where my work was. The problem was that the writer didn’t leave me much time to proofread it, but I should have probably made my order earlier to give myself more time.

The Work I Got

Even though I received the work on time, it wasn’t the work I was wanting. The writer didn’t follow the information I left with the order, and even though there were no spelling mistakes or plagiarism, the writing itself looked like it was done by a 9th graderm not by someone with a degree. The work felt as if it were written by a very inexperienced person in my academic field.