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General Impression

With I wasn’t so sure about using them as they were tooting their own horn and praising on how fantastic there writing services are with big chunks of text on their home page. Who is going to read a page full of text when they are trying to get their own essays done. I still decided to give them ago even though after looking though the feedback from other customers I could see there were some issues regarding deadlines.

Services Provided

There is a free calculator on the website that is able to help you find a price for your project. The company does not complete a large variety of academic assignments because they do not have a very large writing staff. That is why your project may be rejected at peak times.


Prices start at around $10 per page and rise to around $102 per page. Their admission pages are the most expensive. If you are looking for essay work, then their most expensive pages are around $68 each. The shorter the deadline is, then the more you have to pay.

Discounts and Free Features

There is a one-time discount that you can use if you make contact with the customer service department and ask them for a specific starter code. There are also lifetime discounts that you earn if you make enough orders over time. You get a 5% discount for a sum of more than $500, a 10% discount for a sum of more than $1000, and a 15% discount for orders that come to a cumulative sum of more than $2000.

Ordering Process

Making the payment for my order was easy and quick. I did it by filling out the form that they provided. I had some questions with regards to deadlines due to me being unsure about all the negative feedback that they have received about deadlines. I contacted the customer service who were very polite and who advised me that the work will be with me on the date I set.

Communication with Writer

The writer only got back to me about my paper 24 hours after it was due and the writer didn’t even give a good reason as to why it was late. Once I got the paper sent to me I asked the writer for my money back or whom I should contact as customer services where no help. Just after I sent the email the writer blocked me on emails and I never got my money back. I didn’t even get a written apology from the writing services after I complained to them about this.


As you were made aware in the earlier section, my paper arrived late. It was not just an hour late, it was 24 hours late. I ordered the paper long in advance of the actual college deadline, so I wasn’t hurt too badly by it being late, but it was unexpected and inconvenient.

The Work I Got

When I finally got the paper back, it was not all that bad. It looked like the writer took notice of the small pointers that I asked to be added. It wasn’t bad quality but did not justify the price. Since the company and writer missed my deadline, I was more concerned about getting my money back. If they kept to their deadlines, then they would probably be an okay essay writing service. There are certainly worse writers out there, it is just the business itself that needs fixing. I will not be using the service again. I think the writers should find another company to work for and students should use a different service.