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A Helpful List of 8 Good Excuses for Missing Class

When a student turns up late for school, the truth is rarely a good idea. Of course, when you actually have good excuses for missing class, the truth will really ‘set you free’. However, most of us have been late to school simply because our bed was too comfortable and we did not want to wake up, or we took too much time getting ready and missed half of the lecture. In such cases, the truth is the worst thing you can tell.

If you need to get yourself out of trouble and avoid detention, you need to know these brilliant excuses for being late to class or to school.

The Top 8 Best Excuses for Being Late to School

We all know an excuse or two, but you cannot always use the same reasons for being late. You can only be ill so many times before a teacher catches you in a lie, and you cannot keep ‘killing off’ old family members every time you oversleep.

If you find yourself in this situation more often, you need some fresh, good excuses for being late to school. Here are some ideas you can use:

1. Act of Kindness

Who would be angry with a student who made himself late to class because of an act of kindness? You can choose any random act, starting from helping out an old man cross the street, to rescuing a puppy or feeding a hungry dog.

Of course, this will also depend on the teacher and what you know about them. If your teacher is a dog person, the second act would be a perfect excuse. If she or he hates pets, this may not go as well as planned.

For those who aren’t sure of this, you can always use more general acts of kindness, such as carrying the grocery items for an old lady or helping a lost child find his mom.

2. Accidental Misplacing

If you aren’t shortsighted, this is not an excuse for you. However, if you are, the misplacing excuse is one of the best things you can do. Especially if your teacher also wears glasses.

Everyone who wears glasses knows that they are easy to misplace, and not having them on you makes it impossible to get things done. Therefore, all you need when you are late is an excuse of the kind ‘I couldn’t find my glasses’.

*Sometimes it happens that you are late for class due to homework that you did not complete. And you are in a hurry trying to complete it, but more often than not, in such conditions, students get bad grades. For such cases, in order not to be late and not to anger the professor, you can order an urgent homework writing in one of the writing services. Choose the best essay writing service for you.

3. Blame the Weather

Bad weather is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you are late to school. This can turn out to be the best excuse when you are late for class or to school.

  • When there is fog, you maybe got lost
  • When there is snow, you got buried in 5 feet of it
  • When it is raining, you had to return home to get an umbrella

4. Wardrobe Error

Does your school follow a specific dress code? If it does, you are in luck. Most teachers will understand that you failed to comply to this code and had to go all the way back home to get dressed properly. For the most strict teachers in the school, this may be one of the very few excuses that can work.

5. An Injury

You don’t really have to have a broken neck, arm, or leg to demonstrate an injury. This is not a pleasant experience, but you can actually fake an injury as one of the excuses for coming late.

All you need with this trick is a bit of creativity. Visit the local supermarket and stock up on bandages, plasters, and slings. In other words, play the sympathy card.

6. The Once-in-an-Year Excuse

Unlike all other kinds of excuses that you can use any time of the year, this excuse is a one-time excuse. On this sweet day of the year when the clock moves, you can easily get away from detention by using the ‘I forgot to put the clock back’ excuse.

7. Day Fail

You need a bit more courage to pull off this excuse, but it has worked with many teachers. If there is no other way to get out of the mess you created, you can use the day fail excuse. This excuse goes like this: ‘I am sorry I am late, I thought it was Sunday, not Monday’.

Fortunately, this happens to teachers, too, so if you get on their good side and act it well, it may as well pass.

8. Bribe the Teacher

This is as bad as it sounds, but it actually works. Find out the weakness of your teacher, and turn up at class with their favorite tobacco brand, chocolate bar, or magazine. Your classmates will probably hate you for it, but it can really cool the blood of the angry teacher when you are late.

There you have it – the 8 best excuses for being late. If you have any other ideas, do not be shy to write them in the comment box.